Garden Design Idea: Classic English Country

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When you’re landscaping a new garden from scratch or trying to shape your yard into a design you love slowly, it can be difficult to decide on what style you love the most. But, it’s hard not to agree that an English country garden is an excellent choice. With lush lawns, wildflower and beautiful nature, it can have its draws. If you think creating a classic country garden could work in your yard, here are some pointers to help you get the design just right.

Let It Grow

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that your garden has a bit of a wild feel to it. Now, don’t get this confused with messiness or letting your yard get completely overgrown, as that isn’t quite right either. Instead, you need to have bedding areas that sport lots of different wildflowers. The idea is not to see any ground at all. These areas of your garden should put full of flowers, big and tall, bright and beautiful. A good old mix of different kinds is always the best way to achieve a wild look.

Inject Colour

As you’re starting to add in new plants and plan the layout of your perfect country garden, you need to think about color. English country gardens can often seem quite green altogether because there is a heavy focus on both grass and natural vegetation. But, they’re definitely not shy of colorful flowers either. So, go to town when it comes to injecting color into your flower beds. From bright pink tulips and classic red roses to bleu hydrangeas and yellow sunflowers, they will all help to create the right look.

Add Hidden Spots

If you’re a fan of English literature, or you’ve watched a few too many episodes of Downton Abbey, you will know all about the magic of an English country garden. Sometimes, it’s those little-hidden spots that add a very British edge. So, make sure your garden has an air of magic to it and hide something away. Whether you pop a reading bench among the flowerbeds or even build a pond with pretty pearlscale goldfish in the back, your garden will instantly have a classic feel to it.

Keep An Immaculate Lawn

Another key feature of a classic British garden is the lawn. English country garden lawns are always immaculate. The beds might be wild, but when it comes to the grass, a strongly defined border is always cut in, and you’ll often find stripes in the grass too. So, you’re going to want to make sure you invest in the right lawnmower and stay on top of the upkeep.

Get The Furniture Right

And finally, you need to ensure that your furniture fits in well. So, not only does that mean that you need to be able to get the right reading bench to hide away in the beds, but you need to be able to find a dining sit that fits with your design. You can often find good vintage sets or modern replicas online that will give you the perfect finish to your English country garden.

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