Garden Update

PicMonkey Collageflowers



So it’s been about a month since I last did a Garden Update. I was watering the plants the other day and realized “wow the plants are getting bigger”. If you haven’t read any of my other gardening updates I have been trying to succeed with a veggie garden for the past 6 years lol. Each year has been a learning experience I can tell ya! The first year I made way to big of a spot in a marshy wet spot lol, that didn’t work, the next few years got better but only got one or two different types of veggies each year even though I planted a whole bunch of different ones. This year I decided to go small. I picked about 5 different veggies/fruit and stuck with that.

A few weeks before the last frost I started some green pepper plants inside. Not sure I started those to early but some of them didn’t make it 🙁 I do have 2 seedlings that I am very proud of that have made it thus far. The rest of the seeds were planted by me and the kiddos right into the ground. Their favorite plant that seems to be blooming and doing great is the bean plants that sit on our deck. The rest of the veggie/fruits are doing good too. The lettuce seems to be slacking lol but hopefully that will change soon. I would assume if I was using some type of miracle grow or something they would be overflowing but have only been using some organic food stakes that are made for plants.

All in all though I’m pretty proud of this year’s plants and hoping to be able to walk outside my home and gather everything I need to make a nice tasty salad soon. =)


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