Garden Update 7.29.13


So it’s been about 3 weeks since my last Garden Update. I do have to say that I’m getting excited this year with my garden. If you haven’t read my other posts I have been learning over the past 6 years after moving into the country on how to really grow a garden with not very good luck. My garden is all organic and I even started with organic seeds and no products to help it grow except some organic food stakes.

My lettuce seems to be doing better and I just may be able to make a salad soon lol. My squash plants are doing great! I guess I didn’t realize how much room those take up and how large the plants really are. Will have to take note of that next year. My favorite plant is our green bean plant that we planted in a large planter that is kept on our deck.  We were ablet to get a bowl full this weekend so far. It’s not a lot but we are still learning and it’s a great accomplishment this year. =)


Cucumbers plants seem to be doing well too, I have found a little baby one this past weekend and hoping the cucumbers will be bigger than that lol. Another awesome thing I learned this summer thanks to the kiddos is that we have tons and tons of rasberry bushes on our property. We have been here 6 years and we never had that amount raspberries before so the kids are very excited about that. It feels great to be able to walk outback and pick a bowl of raspberries. The kiddos have been making raspberries smoothies, yum! =)

Thanks for checking out my Garden Update and hope you follow our journey with gardening.

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