Garden Update 8.18.13 I finally got to make a small salad! ;)



Hey everyone! Guess what? I finally was able to make a small salad, lol, FINALLY! For those of you that haven’t been following my garden updates, I have been planting veggies for the past 6 years and have gotten better year after year. I definitely have to learn more about growing lettuce because I haven’t done to well with that. I was able as you can see to get a very small amount, enough to make a salad one time. We have had a couple of cucumbers we have pulled from the garden and I am very proud and excited of the squashes that are growing nicely. I was very surprised at the amount of raspberries that grew on our property this year.

I have been debating and maybe some of you can help me with this. I have been thinking about preparing a larger area for next year now that I feel a little more confident about growing my garden. Just wasn’t sure if I should prepare it now so it would be all ready come Spring or should I wait until it’s time to work the ground?

  • Diana Villa

    What a beautiful garden and vegetables, your salad looks delicious!!!! ^_^

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