Get To Know Your Neighbours

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Whether you have just moved into somewhere recently, or you have been living somewhere for a few months, or even if you have lived somewhere for so long that you seem like a cornerstone of the community, take a moment to sit back and think about how well you know your neighbours. For some reason, a lot of us do not take the time to get to know our neighbours on a personal level which people used to do as part of the norm, years ago. Maybe it’s because we all lead busy lives; maybe it’s because of the ease of social media to connect with others; or maybe it is because we can all become suspicious of each other quickly due to negative news stories. Some of us like to stick to the friends we already have, and others like to keep their lives private. This is okay, of course, but what happens when we need help from our neighbours when our friends or family are not around?

If you have not developed a relationship with your neighbours – even if it is a passing ‘hello’ every day – then you may feel a bit awkward about approaching them when you require their help or would like to borrow something quickly. Therefore, a relationship of a positive kind is important with you and your neighbours.

A good way of developing some kind of relationship is to simply go around to their house – or apartment – and introduce yourself. Tell them you live next door, what your name is, and that you wanted to introduce yourself. There is a chance they may invite you in for a coffee and, if they do, take them up on the offer. This could lead to a more intimate and closer personal relationship forming with your neighbours.

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Another great way of connecting with your neighbours is to buy them gifts. Do not shower them with gifts, but on certain events like their birthday, the festive period or when they have achieved something like a job promotion, take the time to get them something. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – and even if you did spend a lot of money it may come across as a bit overzealous – but the thought you have given to a gift will be really appreciated by your neighbour. Do your research on different gifts that will be a good fit for the event on websites such as or at stores when you’re out shopping.

There are lots of ways of getting to know your neighbours, not just through giving gifts, and essentially only you can decide how you would like to get to know them more. Remember, though, do not force yourself upon them if you can see they are rushing off somewhere or are carrying lots of grocery bags to their house. They may feel impatient if you try to speak to them when you can see they are busy. Bide your time and wait for the right moment to begin a friendship with your neighbours.

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