Gift ideas for your other half

When it comes to the kids, presents are usually easy. They have a never-ending list of things they want and with every new toy craze it at least means that you have plenty of gift ideas. When it comes to my other half though, it’s a totally different story. I always seem to struggle to buy for him! With every birthday and Christmas, it seems like a mad scramble to think of something different to buy him.

Recently I’ve had a few ideas though that I think most mum’s will be able to relate to with their own partners, so I thought I’d share them with you in today’s blog post. 

Brew your own

If your husband or boyfriend likes experimenting with different types of beers or spirits, then why not pick him up his own DIY brewing kit? You can get loads of different varieties these days, from cider to ales and even vodkas and gins. They come with all the ingredients, equipment and instructions ready to go, and they can while away their evenings feeling like an expert brewer. If on the other hand they’d prefer something a little less hands on, then why not look at personalizing bottles of alcohol instead.



How long you’ve been with your partner doesn’t tend to matter too much when it comes to fashion, as there are certain things that most guys like to wear. Keep it simple and casual and you’re bound to find something they not only love, but they can wear all the time. For example, you could pick up a variety of coloured and pattered polo shirts that can be used for several of occasions. As they’re lightweight, they can be used for smart events with trousers in summer, but then they can be paired with shorts for an evening when on holiday. Most guys like to wear jeans too, and you can get a wide selection of jeans from Jacamo, from skinny to slouch, that should do the trick!



Another great idea that never fails to put a smile on peoples’ faces are the experience packages that you can buy these days. Is there something that your partner has always wanted to do? Have they always wanted to race a supercar around a track, or go hot air ballooning high above the trees? This is your chance to treat them to a once in a lifetime experience that will be completely unique and totally unforgettable.


Something for a hobby

Finally, what does your hubby do for a hobby? If it’s something sporty like football, why not pick up a new kit bag with toiletries? If they prefer to get busy in the kitchen, buy them a selection of spices, herbs and cookery books instead. Think about what they love to do, and try to guess if anything needs replacing or if there’s anything they want that can help take their hobby to the next level, like a new piece of equipment.

What gift ideas do you have for your other half?

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