GlowGirl Fibers Coupon Organizer Review


Can you relate to the picture above? If you can then you must love couponing as much as I do. I just started cutting coupons back in December of 2013 and cannot believe that I had never done it before! I mean I used one here and there but I never realized I could save our family so much money! At first I cut a few here and there but now I plan my trips every week with tons of coupons to save big. I used envelopes to carry my coupons from the start but then that got annoying. After saving some money on one of my shopping trips I took that money and purchased a few items to help me out. One item was a 3 ring binder. Now don’t get me wrong the binder works great and I love being able to flip through the sleeves and see what coupons I have but each time I went shopping I would get irritated that I couldn’t open it up and lay it across the cart without it falling into that seat part where children sit. It’s also just way to bulky to lug around as well.

When I found out that there was Coupon Organizers that were stylish and easy to carry around I was in awe and had to see what they were all about.


Now doesn’t this beautiful Coupon Organizer from GlowGirl Fibers look better than a 3 ring binder? 😉

GlowGirl Fibers makes stylish, thrifty and eco-conscious products. I reviewed their Mega Coupon holder organizer and I love it! =)


It came with printed labels for the dividers and folders. The labels are great and I found exactly what I wanted to use as categories to separate my coupons. I wasn’t exactly sure how to set it up with the folders/dividers because I had never used one before but it came out great and it works for me. =) The organizer is stylish, beautiful and very easy to carry around. It also has a button on the bottom backside to keep it closed and also to attach to your cart when shopping. That’s one of my favorite parts right there, I can attach it to the cart and not worry about it falling. =) It’s well made and I can see using it and it lasting for years to come.


I think it is a must have for any couponer out there to help make their shopping trips more easier and fun. GlowGirl Fibers has different patterns to choose from and different sizes as well for your couponing needs.

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GlowGirl: Coupon Organizers and More

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