Here we go again!?? I love you cloth diapers but sometimes I’m not so sure!


Ugh! So here we go again! This is the 3rd time in 16 months I have broken down and bought disposable diapers for my son. Yes everyone knows I use cloth diapers so why did I buy disposables? Well once again my son has a bad ammonia rash! =(  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE using cloth diapers (just bought my little guy 2 more diapers) but for some that have experienced what we are (and I know I’m not the only after doing tons of internet searches) sometimes it seems “Is it really worth it?”  Yes it saves money, he’s only had 3 rashes in 16 months which is pretty dang good if you ask me, they are cute and they are eco friendly. Don’t be a hater if you use disposables because there is nothing wrong with it 😉 I just prefer to use cloth diapers.

Anywayys! I don’t blame it on cloth diapers. Cloth diapering can be tricky for some, how much detergent to use, which one to use, and the biggest problem we have is we have VERY HARD well water, which means the sediments build up over time which then turns into the diapers stinking pretty darn bad after out little guy pees in them. Some have quit cloth diapering just because of that happening. I really don’t want to quit and am on a quest to figure this out! I have tryed so much the other times when this happened and “stripped” the diapers in many ways. Boiling the inserts and covers, using oxi clean, vinegar, scrubbing blue dawn detergent by hand with a toothbrush on ALL the diapers (which did work for awhile but not now for some strange reason?!), multiple hot washes without soap, calgon, borax and probably more as well. The last time this happened, yes you can gasp I finally used a little bit of bleach on the diapers, rinsed about 10 times on hot water and it seemed to work for a couple of months but now here we go again…

So while my little guy is healing from his rash I am going to try to figure this out AGAIN.. If you have any tips or suggestions please leave a comment below. I would LOVE to find a better way to get his diapers stripped and keep away from this problem once and for all!


Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • Reece

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  • Gina

    I worry that I will feel the same way when we have baby! We have really hard water too, currently not well water, but we’re looking to move to another town that is mostly well water. I am anxious to see how it will turn out for us.

  • Diane

    This will sound weird, but it totally works. Get some of the fish tank ammonia remover. Washing the diapers on a hot cycle with no detergents. Then soak in warm water on a low water level with about a 1/4 cup of the ammonia remover for a few hours. I tend to leave it overnight because I forget. Then run another hot wash with no detergent. I do have soft water and I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I get the ammonia problem every 6 months or so even with my awesome water. Good luck from one cloth diaper addict to another 😉

  • Katrina

    I had the same stink issue but never the rash. I had a front loader machine and use Oxiclean free with my detergent on sanitize then rewashed with extra rinse with a little dish liquid. Now that I have moved, and do not have my machine, I wash with 1 cup baking soda and detergent on hot, as soon as wash tub fills I let it set about an hour then continue wash. I then rewash with small amount of Dawn in tube on Hot again. Hope this helps 🙁 All else fails Cornstarch is a great barrier I have found, my LO caught a nasty yeast rash at daycare and I have not diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper friendly here either 🙁 so I coated him with Cornstarch, being careful he didn’t inhale and it dried it out now when he gets a little red from teething or meds I sprinkle some on his bottom.

  • jenn McClearn

    my 2 year old is in cloth and is a heavy wetter, I read some where that if you use a dry pail try rinsing the diapers before washing it seems to have helped us. I also use a little dawn instead of detergent sometimes. I think the older they get the trickier it becomes my EBF 2 month old is easy on the diapers except for stains but the sun takes care of that!

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