GOLDTOE Socks Review


A Special Thanks to GoldToe for providing me these wonderful socks to review on my blog. =)

I was excited to learn that we were going to be able to review some of GoldToe products on my blog. I am having to throw out socks ALL the time because I have yet to find a durable sock for my kiddos to wear that actually last! I was ready to put GoldToe to the challenge. 😉

GoldToe is famously known for their durable socks with the “goldtoe” on every sock. GOLDTOE socks are made with the finest yarns and reinforced for longer more comfortable wear. The heels of their socks are always rounded for support and comfort. Also the toe seams are “specially” flattened for a smooth fit. =)


We were sent a few different kinds to review which included: Boys Cotton Crew, Girls Dress Turn Cuff, and Womens’ No Show Massaging sole socks. The sizes were perfect for my 4 oldest children to be able to help with this review. 😉 My oldest daughter reviewed the massaging sole no-show socks. She loves no-show socks and that is the only type she will wear so they were perfect. She agrees they are very comfortable. My youngest daughter was so happy to see her dressy socks in white, she couldn’t wait to put them on and now only wants to wear those type lol. =) My boys are the hardest on socks and they don’t really like the feel of them so I  wasn’t sure how well the Cotton Crew would work for them.  As soon as they put them on they said they loved the feel of them and the socks have definitely passed the durability test. 😉

If you didn’t know this about GoldToe yet they actually have something I have never seen before until now. They have a EZ MATCH guide which makes matching up your children’s socks as EZ as 1-2-3. 😉 The number of the gold rings on the toe tells you the size. One ring is for size Small (3-8.5), two rings for Medium (9-2.5) and 3 rings for Large (3-9). I think that is pretty neat and a very great feature besides all the other wonderful features they already include.


Our family highly recommends GOLDTOE socks for everyone. They carry all sorts of different socks for Men, Women, and Kids. You can find out more about GoldToe and purchase these same socks or ones like it by clicking HERE.

You can also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • Seth

    I have a few pairs of Gold Toe “business” socks and they’re quality. My wife even steals them from me since she likes them.

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