Green Earth Salad Spinner by Ozeri Review


salad spinner, ozeri, lettuce, food, bowlDo you eat salads? Then you know that having a great salad spinner comes in handy in the kitchen. We personally eat a lot of salads and it kind of becomes a pain when we have to use paper towels to dry our lettuce everyday in preparation of making a salad. Just recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Green Earth Salad Spinner by Ozeri and love it.

salad spinner, ozeri, lettuce, food, bowl

The Ozeri Salad Spinner offers 2 different functions. You can use it as a large colander to easily spin salad greens and use the large bowl as a serving bowl. It is BPA free and the bowl and colander are dishwasher safe. It also features a non-slip base and handle that locks into place making for quick storage.
Product Description:
  • Designed in Switzerland to deliver frictionless spin action with an instant stop button
  • Ergonomic pump handle requires no more than 2 or 3 pumps to reach its smooth and ultra quiet maximum spinning velocity
  • Unique two-in-one BPA-free design features a removable colander and bowl that doubles as a food-safe elegant serving dish
  • Large 4.24 qtr./4 L colander and 5.5 qtr./5.2 L serving bowl accommodate all your greens and herbs
  • Features a non-slip base and handle that locks into place for quick storage
I really love how great my new salad spinner works. It is a really good size and holds plenty of lettuce or herbs. The handle is very easy to pump and only takes about 3-4 pumps to thoroughly dry my lettuce.

salad spinner, ozeri, lettuce, food, bowl

I am so glad that I have this new salad spinner because it really saves me time when preparing my salads.

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Do you like salads? What’s your favorite veggies to add to them?


  • LaShawn

    I really need one of these. I always use my hands and it’s so awkward! This looks so easy to use.

  • Tori Gabriel

    I’m terrible for not healthy eating. However, my sister is amazing and is constantly making the most incredible salads for me. She would love this!

  • Jenn

    I really want one of these. We eat a lot of salads, and it sure would come in handy. We probably waste too much because it doesn’t stay fresh.

  • Bri

    I have a salad spinner and it is super useful especially during the summer months. Yay to no more soggy salads.

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg how yummy is this salad spinner?!? We eat a lot of salads especially in the summer in this house, so I really should invest in one of these

  • Kita

    I’ve always wanted a salad spinner. One thing I can’t stand is soggy salad and all salad greens need to be sorted and washed before I ever think about eating them. I am going to look into this one.

  • Bella

    My salad spinner just broke a few days ago and I have actually been lost without it. This looks like such a great product, a great replacement!

  • Liz Mays

    This looks like an awesome salad spinner. We’d use it all the time. It makes salad prep much easier.

  • Brandy

    I will have to get this, I love eating Salads in the hot Summer season as I rarely get hungry!

  • Sarah

    OMG this is a great product to have around the house, I can see me using it quite often!

  • Cassie

    I never knew how much I needed a salad spinner until reading this! I think I’m going to go to Amazon and order this very one right now.

  • Amanda Love

    I actually don’t own a salad spinner. I just do it myself and it works when I toss it around. This surely would save me some time though. Seems like a great one.

  • Amanda @ Adorkablii

    Ozeri has some awesome products! I have always been a huge fan. The quality is amazing and have never had a single issue. I would love to get my hands on the Salad Spinner.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My salad spinner broke about a year ago, so I am definitely in the market for a new one. This one sounds awesome.

  • Inspiring Kitchen

    Ozeri is a great brand and I have some of their products at home. This salad spinner looks awesome. I want to have this.

  • Jeanette

    I used to have a really nice one of these, but I gave it away. I now regret that decision LOL. Probably one of the best things that I should’ve kept.

  • Mimi Green

    I love salad and although it looks all fancy and pretty separated I like mine blended. This makes tossing super easy.

  • Kristen Dann

    We own one of these and love it! It’s so much easier to mix it this way versus using your hands and/or a big spoon.

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