Gross Home Problems You Need to Sort Out ASAP!




We assume our homes are safe, right? The problem is that they’re not always so safe. So many problems can occur without you noticing until the problem gets really bad. A lot of this has to do with hygiene. But the problems we’re going to look into today are often overlooked or ignored even when homeowners do notice them! They assume that it’s not really that big a deal.

There’s also the fact that sorting it out usually requires a lot of work. You have to get your landlord to help out. Usually some professionals will need to come in so the issue can be eradicated. It all sounds like a massive inconvenience, right? But it’s important that you get these problems solved as soon as possible. Not only can leaving them unseen to cause them to spread around the house. But they can actually have severe effects on your health and on the structure of your home. If you have children in your home, then it becomes even more of a priority.

If you see any of the following problems in your home, get it looked into as soon as you can!



Funny-looking water

Few of us are strangers to water that looks a little off. Certainly we’re all familiar with water that looks a bit cloudy, especially when we’re running water from the hot tap. Most of the time it’s a minor sediment issue. If we keep the water running for a few seconds, it all usually clears right up.

But what if the water isn’t all that clear or colorless? What if it has a tinge of yellow or brown? (Those aren’t the only colors people have seen their water go, either!) This could be the result of lead in the water. This could mean that there’s lead piping in your home. The recent Flint water crisis alerted many to the dangers of this sort of thing. Get a plumber to look into it immediately!



Hungry termites

People are a bit grossed out by termites. But not many of them think they’re that big a problem. Sure, it’s nice to not have them. But you usually can’t see them, right? And it’s not as if they’re big enough to eat your entire house.

We get that thinking, but it’s a little misled. Unfortunately, termites can be a massive problem. They’re the cause of billions of dollars worth of wood damage every year. Termites can chow down on the structure of your home for years before you notice. This weakens your home structure dangerously. Make sure you keep an eye out for signs of termite infestation.




Ever notice a hint of green or black on your walls? Perhaps in the corners or just above the skirt boards? It often appears in bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. This is probably mold, and the danger it poses should not be underestimated.

Mold is caused by a buildup of moisture in your home. It releases harmful spores that can affect your respiratory system. It can also cause of a number of skin problems. And it just looks gross, right? Take steps to remove it and prevent it coming back.

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