Guardian 1300TL Tactical Light By SUPERNOVA Review

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Guardian 1300TL



 The Guardian 1300TL tactical light is the most powerful flashlight in its class. With a background as a Certified Corrections Officer, Protective Security Officer and Owner of a Contract Security Company I have seen a lot of tactical flashlights. This tactical light is the best I have ever seen. Weighing just 5.1 oz.(145 Grams) it is light and easy to hold with one hand unlike other full size lights with a quarter of the power. The flashlight is 6.25 inches(15.8cm) in length and 1.75 inches(4.5cm) in diameter. That does not steer away from the fact that this unit is made of smooth, brushed aircraft grade aluminum alloy finish that gives the light a scratch and shock proof exterior. The upper to this has a stainless steel strike bezel for the perfect blows to the face, stomach or the kidneys given you the advantage over any attacker. The technology behind this tactical light is just as impressive:


  • CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb
  • Brightness/output- 1300 Lumens
  • Power source- 1 Cell 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included) or 3 AAA size Alkaline Batteries (included)
  • Charged Runtime- 3-5 Hours
  • Lighting Distance- 275-330 Yards (250-300 Meters)
  • Waterproof for use in many types of weather
  • BrightStart memory technology (light will always return to the highest possible lumens when turned on no matter what the last use was on)
  • Luminescent soft rubber forward tactical switch with double slotted lanyard openings
  • Ultra clear tempered glass lens with over 98.3% light transmittance and high efficiency aluminum reflector



So lets put all these words into real life situations. It’s a rainy night and your pet still needs to be walked. The sun has gone down and its dark out. You grab your leash and your Guardian 1300TL light. There’s no worries because even in the rain, your light will cut right through the darkness and the wetness has no effect to the unit. Given you all the protection you need from holes in the ground to the on coming vehicles.


Your in bed late that same night. You hear a sound by the front door. In the darkness you see the green glow of your SuperNova Tactical light on your night stand. Without turning on any house light and given the intruder the heads up you know they are there, you grab your impact weapon that will cause visual impairment. You see the intruder and face the light directly at their eyes and turn to the strobe. Their hands go to their face and you strike their body with the shock proof steel upper with a turning motion. They are down on the ground and your on the phone with the police.

Check out our video below:

Since getting this great tool in my hands, I don’t know what I would do without the bright shine of this light. I use it on a daily basis and feel incomplete without the Guardian in my arsenal and I can count on this for years to come.

You can own your own by visiting WWW.GUARDIAN1300.COM


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  • Mr.Bill

    I loved your post on the Super Nova Guardian flash light. I love mine as well.

    From a children author, who’s trying to make a difference in getting more children to read more.

    William Sawyers

  • Gabriel

    I drooled over the powerful lights like this while I was deployed and still have my eye on a few when I can make the investment. A really good taclight is a really versatile tool, and as you point out, a great defensive weapon also.

  • Winter White

    I live in So. Cal home to earthquakes so this would be really useful to have. Also if I have car trouble at night it would be great to have in the trunk.

  • HilLesha

    Wow, that is a fantastic flashlight! I definitely need something like this, especially when camp or if the weather gets really bad.

  • Modern Pilgrim

    Wow! That is a very bright light! It puts my flashlight to shame.


    I hear ya lol! We own our own contract security company so that’s all my husband is into.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I would definitely buy one of this since we do need one. We had a brouwn out a couple of weeks ago and it was total darkness, I’d like to have one of these for emergencies.

  • michele d

    I can see why your husband loves it. My husband definitely needs this for work when inspecting clients homes. Gotta tell him about it. Thanks Bonnie for your review 🙂

  • Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

    This looks like a very powerful light for its size! This would be so handy for going camping or even just to have on hand for emergencies.

  • Rosey

    That’s awesome that you can use it in the rain and it still works well. I think this could be useful for so many things!

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Looks like a handy torch light to have around the home. I wouldn’t mind having one in my care either in case of emergencies.

  • Tammilee TIps

    What a great flashlight!! We always try to have a couple on hand for power outages and emergencies. I also keep them in my car as well.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like an amazing flashlight. I would love to have one for the next power outage. This would make a great gift.

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I like this little gadget! I have always wanted to tase somebody! This would bring me one step closer to my goal! Bwahahaha!

  • touristmeetstraveler

    Looks like an amazing flash light, I really like how bright it is. Perfect for when the power goes out or out at night.

  • Paula Schuck

    I keep telling myself that I need to invest in a few good flashlights but I always seem to forget. This looks really high quality and like something that would be good to keep in every room in the home in case of a power outage.

  • Laura (Lauras Little House Tips)

    That is pretty cool. I like it is like its own home defender and we all need that 🙂 Great review 🙂

  • Alli

    Now that’s a flashlight! I would love to have one on my bedside table, especially when my husband is out of town on business.

  • Jeanine

    Wow! This sounds awesome. I could really use one of two of these for our winters when we constantly lose power for days at a time!

  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    I need one of these! I HATE when I hear things that go bump in the night, lol!

  • lisa

    This sounds like a great flashlight. In our household, everything is tactical…the side effects of a police officer husband!

  • Melissa Pezza

    That’s a great flashlight! I love how rugged it is, and it’s super bright!

  • Terry

    Looks like a flashlight I need to have in my home. All the ones I have are never charged when I want them.

  • Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

    My husband would love this, I will show him! He is always looking for a good one for work. Bookmarked!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My husband would love that. I think he would get a lot of use out of it. Maybe I will get him one for Father’s Day!

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