Healthy Shopping trip lasted 2 hours!


So today made day number 3 of eating healthy. 3 days ago my husband and I decided it was time to try this weight loss and healthy eating AGAIN! We went out and bought as much Organic and All Natural foods as we could. When we got home we tossed out whatever we thought was not healthy. We spent about 2 hours shopping that day reading labels and talking through what would be the healthiest choice. It wasn’t easy but looking at all the fresh foods and different products really sparked some excitement. =)

I have to tell ya though the first day sucked! I wanted to eat so bad, I wanted everything I should not eat to be healthy and to lose weight. Fortunately though I did not cave in! =) Yesterday and today went way smoother then the first day and we are actually enjoying preparing all the healthy meals. I was proud to be able to use one of my cukes that came out of my garden in our salad as well. I’m really going to have to make a bigger garden next year.

So 3 days down, the rest of my life to go…. 3 days isn’t a lot but we can only move forward. Thanks for stopping by. =)

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    That sounds like a wonderful program Melodie. =) Thanks for sharing your experience, I could learn from you as well. =) xx


    Good for you Bonnie, you can do this. I’m also dieting AGAIN. This time it’s not because I want to but because my doctor says I have to. This week was my first of an 8 week program where I have to meet weekly with a group of other patients to discuss weight loss, and to weigh in. This sucks!! I’m hungry all the time, but I have to learn to make healthier choices, for myself and for my family. I look forward to reading more about your journey with weight loss, ( and maybe learn a few things from you…I need all the help I can get)

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