The Home: A Family Member You Might Be Neglecting

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The family home is something that is incredibly important to a family. It gives us a base for our adventures, it allows us a place to be safe during raging storms, it’s a peaceful camp for sleeping and it is where the best family memories are forged, isn’t it? In fact, the family home is so very important to a family that you might be inclined to consider it a member of the family. Now, the family home doesn’t live or breathe, but it almost feels like a living relative that is out to care for you and protect your family. That’s because it does, the home cares for us – it protects us and we know that.

The family home isn’t an organic thing, but it can still encounter health issues. It’s true. Cracked tiles, leaky pipes, dodgy brickwork, breaking foundations, standing water – there is no end to the large list of health issues that a building can encounter. If your house suffers from an issue, it needs to be fixed.


If we consider the family home to be so important, why do so many of us take a backseat to looking after it? Now, a home isn’t living, but if some of us ignored our kids like we did our homes, we’d be in major trouble, would we not? We wouldn’t even think of it! However, many of us neglect our homes. That’s not cool! As a good, caring parent – being accused of neglect can be a horrifically uncomfortable situation – so sorry! That doesn’t mean that home care isn’t something we can ignore though, we need to take an active role in its care to ensure it can keep looking after our family for years to come. You need to start caring for your home, it is not something that you can afford to take for granted. Not at all. However, it is something that is very easy to take for granted despite how privileged we are to have a place to call our own, and home. What’s more, the home is something you are paying for – through a mortgage. Those are not cheap things. A mortgage is a huge responsibility, and it is a big investment, if you’re spending that much money – that alone gives you no reason to let your home fall apart, let alone the fact that your family lives in it!

How do you start becoming an active homeowner? A homeowner that cares for the household? It means carrying out the maintenance that will ensure that the home is healthy. This could mean cleaning the home. It could mean carrying out and performing repairs around the house. It might mean calling in plumbers, contractors, builders and other professionals to deal with big problems in the home. All you have to do is do something – if you do nothing at all, you’re not treating your home with respect, and in fact – you’re neglecting it. That’s not good enough, is it?


We know that problems in the home can wildly vary. You might have leaks; your neighbour might have a shaky foundation, your neighbour’s neighbour might be experiencing some severe electrical issues. These issues don’t just differ from country to country, but also from street to street. The issues that your specific home will face will change a lot, and they will depend on a lot of different factors. The issues that could cause a lot of problems in your home could depend on the people living in the home, the things that makeup the structure of the home, the materials within the walls of the home, where the home is based, what the weather is like and what the environment is like. Some basic research will help you find out what issues your home will face. If you don’t know what issues could affect your home, how do you expect to deal with them? If you don’t know about the issues that could affect your home, you cannot deal with them at all. Do your research and become learned about what might affect your family home. You can do this with the internet – or even by asking your neighbours. The answers to your questions are just a click away though, and while you’ll need to dedicate time and effort to master these issues, you can certainly get your head around them in a few minutes with some basic research. It gives you the knowledge that you’ll need to tackle issues in the home. This research can also help you spot the tell-tale signs of household problems, which means you can work to prevent them! A lot of this is common sense though, for example – if you’ve got a lot of trash lying about, you are increasing your chances of a pest problem. Get rid of it, or contact people like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal to get that garbage away before it attracts pests. Being proactive to prevent issues is better than dealing to fix them! It’s cheaper in the long run to sniff out these issues and work to prevent future ones from occurring.

Yep, you’ll need to be a bit proactive when it comes to household issues. This means searching every nook and cranny of the household to ensure everything is working just fine. Now, this might put people off, but it is absolutely essential – so if you don’t do it, someone must do it. If you are not looking for issues, they will still arise! Just because your focus isn’t on them does not mean they are not there and occurring! This is especially true for really big and scary household issues that will often go unnoticed until it becomes a costly problem to fix. Issues only get worse with time, so don’t give them that. Being critical here will help, so take a really good look at your home and don’t sit on the fence – especially if someone is doing something that will cause a problem (putting oil down the sink, for instance, can lead to blockages. This can then escalate to burst pipes, bad smells and flooding within the house. A serious issue that can be stopped before it happens!) If you spot issues, never let them escalate, as they will become your worst nightmare. Work hard to defuse and resolves issues when you first spot them! If you notice blocked drains, standing water and other problems that can lead to serious issues down the line work quickly to find out how you can resolve them, be it through your own actions or through the actions of the local authorities or site professionals. Simply letting things be isn’t going to work out.

Worry not, there will always be multiple ways to resolve household issues. For one, you can equip yourself with the tools and know how to deal with the issue yourself. This isn’t always possible, but if you have done your research, you’ll know that for every single household issue, there is a dedicated professional out there able to fix it. For severe issues, this might be the only path that you should follow. Dealing with severe structural issues yourself without the correct experience can lead to worsening the issue. You’ll also want to call in the correct professionals to deal with issues that stand to affect your health. Issues like severe mold, water issues, sewage problems and pest issues need to be dealt with by a professional. Leaving these issues alone can cause health problems within a household, but dealing with them yourself can ensure that your health suffers. Be smart here.


Typical issues that you’ll face? Usually, they will revolve around water and how your household deals with water. Blocked drains are common and can cause enormous damage to a property – so get someone to rod those drains. Blocked drains can lead to exposed sewage leaking into the house, so it’s a big deal indeed. Structural issues can also be caused by blocked drains, so get them sorted. You’ll also want to ensure that the pipes are looked after in the winter months. If water freezes within the pipes, the pipes can burst and this can disrupt your home’s access to water. Many houses don’t have to worry about this, but you’ll know if you have to! Pest problems are also common to homes. They are fairly annoying and can be a real cause of upset. Depending on where you are based in the world will cause you to be exposed to different types of pests. Sometimes, you can take actions to deal with pests yourself, but serious infestations need a serious resolution – through exterminators.

Again there are all sorts of issues in the home for families to deal with and your biggest weapon against these will be knowledge. Educate yourself about your home and start looking after it like it a family member, because it is. Don’t let your home fall apart through neglect, because you wouldn’t allow it to happen to a family member, would you? Of course not.

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