Home made Chili

Last week I made up a new menu for the month for our family. It is way easier to look in the fridge the night before to see what we are eating the next day so I can take it out before hand and not try to figure it out at last minute. We have decided to make more homemade meals from scratch as much as we can and stay away from bad foods/ingredients. Today I am spending all day cooking, so I can freeze it and use it later on. Today I’m working on home made Chili using my own recipe, which may be a bad thing lol. I have never made chili before so this is going to be interesting. The other dish I’m making is Shepards pie and also cutting up potatoes to use as French fries for another night instead of using processed French fries.  I will upload a pic of my finished product of Chili and the way I made it;  if it comes out good. 😉


I’m back! 😉 Spent most of the day cooking and freezing some meals. The Chili came out pretty good for being my first time making it. We made 2 separate batches of it, one cooked on the stove and the other we made it in the crock pot and let it cook all day. As you can see above my husband loves hot peppers so he added to one batch because of course the kids wouldn’t go for that. 😉 Here is what I used to make Chili today.

My homemade Chili recipe:

3LBS Turkey burger

 4 bags of Red Kidney Beans (16oz bags)

1 Jar of mild salsa (Can use hotter if you like) (240z)

2 cans of diced tomatoes (16oz)

chicken broth

chili powder

spices (get creative- I used onion powder, garlic powder, pepper)

I rinsed the beans last night and covered them with a lot of water and boiled for a few minutes. Then I left them in the fridge over night until today. I split the beans up so it was 2 packages (2lbs) each container, one in the crockpot and one in a pot on the stove. Then I cooked the turkey burger all the way mixed it with the beans, poured some chicken broth into the mixture, added the salsa, diced tomatoes, chili powder and spices. Brought to a boil and let simmer all day. At the end my husband added his hot peppers to one of the mixtures. Hope I didn’t forget anything lol. So that was my first try at making Chili and it came out pretty good. 🙂

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