Hungry for a snack? Grab a Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bar!!

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Jif bars, jif, folgers, shoplet, back to school, granola bars, peanut butterWith school just around the corner and getting in any last-minute outings before Summer is over, having a great snack on hand is a must-have for our family. It seems like the kiddos are always wanting a snack and finding something that everyone likes and agrees on can really be hard sometimes.

Just recently I was sent Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars to try with my family.

Jif bars, jif, folgers, shoplet, back to school, granola bars, peanut butterEveryone, especially my kiddos absolutely love peanut butter and couldn’t wait to try these bars. The bars are chewy granola covered with creamy peanut butter. If your craving something sweet or salty or both, these will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Jif bars, jif, folgers, shoplet, back to school, granola bars, peanut butterThese bars are a perfect size to carry along with you anywhere making them perfect for an on the go snack. Great to toss in a lunchbox, backpack, purse, gym bag or even in your car console. 😉

Everyone in our family loves these bars. As soon as I had my first bite I loved how they tasted. They are now one of my favorite snacks.

Jif bars, jif, folgers, shoplet, back to school, granola bars, peanut butter

You can find these bars on Shoplet carries an assortment of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between.

To learn more and purchase these bars visit

Where would you take your Jif bars along with you?


  • Rafaelmaw

    You can never have too many grab and go school snacks on hand, and when I don t have time to make granola bars or banana bread bar s Jif bars are perfect for those afternoons that we go right from school, to football, to soccer.

  • Rika

    I love granola bars and peanut butter flavor. I love JIf products, perfect for snacking

  • Carin Kilby Clark

    These Jif peanut butter bars look delicious! I’m definitely going to give them try.

  • Michelle Cantu

    How cool, we love peanut butter. Especially my boys, I need to grab a box asap.

  • Amber Killmon

    I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.. how did I not know Jif had granola bars? I’ve gotta find these asap.

  • Lori Felix

    Jif is my favorite peanut butter brand. I love their Jif bars too. I keep one in my purse for a midday snack.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Jif has awesomely delicious snacks indeed. I have yet to try this Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars . This sound and look so good along with being healthy. Thanks for sharing these awesome snacks.

  • alexandria

    I HAVE to keep snacks in my car for my daughter. She could snack all day, I think. And we both love peanut butter.

  • ricci

    I have seen these Jif Granola bars and have been wanting to try them!! And your post just confirms it!! YUM!!

  • Emma Spellman

    My son is allergic to peanut butter, but I am always looking delicous snacks for my hubby’s lunch. I’ll check them out next time we are at the store!

  • Jasmine

    Love Jif! I didn’t realize that they had granola bars!

  • lauren happel

    Those look great for school lunches!

  • lauren happel

    Great for school lunches!!

  • Racquel Bregg

    My big kids would love this snack bar and it would be great for back to school. My daughter is going to have a busy schedule with her first year playing middle school sports and more homework and a more challenging band. This will be good to stick in the backpack!

  • Angela Harris

    Jiff is our favorite brand of peanut butter. Anything made by Jiff is always so good.

  • Gwendolyn Mulholland

    I am not a fan of peanut butter but my husband and daughter are. I am going to pick up these bars for them to try the next time I am at the grocery. JIF has the best peanut butter.

  • Sara

    I love anything with peanut butter in it! These bats look so good!

  • Vera Sweeney

    These bars look amazing!!! I always trey to keep snacks in my purse for when we are out and about, these would be perfect for us.

  • Paula Schuck

    I don’t know why Jif didn’t do this sooner! I’m glad they did though. Peanut butter and granola are made for each other.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Oh these are perfect! I’ve been putting peanut butter on my granola bars for years. I have to get these.

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