Incredibly Fun and Crafty Ways To Spend A Pyjama Day With Your Family!

*Guest Post*

Whether you and your family are snowed in the house, or you just fancy spending a day in your pyjamas, there are plenty of great things you can do together. Don’t waste your day in the house eating junk and being bored. Instead, try some of these incredibly fun and crafty activities!

Making Cards For Upcoming Occasions

If you think ahead, there are probably a few occasions you have coming up. Maybe it’s a family member’s birthday, a party, or something else going on. How about making cards for these upcoming occasions? You can set plenty of time aside and get really creative. Making cards is such a thoughtful thing to do, and they can mean a lot to people. You can use tissue paper, stamps, stickers, and even your own artwork to create something absolutely unique and beautiful that your loved ones will want to display forever.

Making Friendship Bracelets and Beaded Jewelry

Making your own jewelry doesn’t have to be hard. By having some colored threads on hand and a tutorial or two, you can all start to create your own friendship bracelets in no time. These bracelets can be made in many different patterns. You can create a zigzag bracelet, love heart bracelet, and even bracelets with fish on them. You could even create beaded jewelry with a kit, or beads of your own choosing. You can have loads of fun choosing your own beads and other equipment in a jewelry making store.


Making Fun Accessories For The House

Why not make fun accessories for your house? If you’ve never done this before, you can start with something simple, like a cushion cover. Bear in mind that doing something like this by hand will take a long time. It could be worth investing in a sewing machine if you really want to fill your home with unique decor. Just read a review on a site like first to make sure you’ve picked a suitable one for your needs. Ensure you know your way around your machine so that you don’t make any mistakes on your projects! You could even use a cheap fabric first to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

Customizing Your Clothes

Grab some clothes you all haven’t worn for a while and get customizing. You could chop off the sleeves, make holes in your jeans, and even draw a picture on your old t-shirts. You might just create something that you now love to wear! Why not get some fabric dye and try tie-dying it too? Just make sure you supervise your kids if they need it, especially if they want to use sharp scissors.


Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to remember all of the important events in your families lives, as well as documenting your adventures. Grab ticket stubs, pieces of material, pictures, and more to glue in your scrapbook and have something amazing to look at for years to come.



Painting is almost a meditative activity. You don’t need to be an ‘artist’ to do it. You’re just going to need some paints that you like, and a canvas or a suitable book to paint in. Oh, and your brushes of course. When your kids are painting, make sure you don’t hover over them too much, or worry about mess. These things can stress them out. Don’t ask too many questions either. Let their imaginations flow free, even if they paint the sky green and the grass blue! This is the best way to get them to express themselves through painting and other crafty activities.

Using Things Around The House To Make…Anything

Chances are, you have a ton of things around the house that you can use to make just about anything. You could use washing up liquid bottles, cardboard boxes, tin foil, and all kinds of other things to make stuff. You could make costumes, robots, rockets…the list is endless. Let your kids use their imaginations and you’ll be surprised at what they can make out of ‘nothing’.

Did you enjoy these ideas? Hopefully, you’ll now have plenty to do next time you’re staying at home with your family. There’s no need to get bored, and there’s certainly no need to sit in front of the TV all day long. Do something fun and worthwhile by selecting one of these activities to try. Leave your own thoughts below!

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