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A Special Thanks to the wonderful ladies at juDanzy for sending me these wonderful products to review on my blog.

juDanzy; formerly known as “My Little Legs” was created by 2 moms. =) You may know them by those cute little leg warmers but they have now expanded to so much more. From headbands, socks, leg warmers, hats and apparel you can definitely find something  for your little one. =)


We were sent socks, a hat, leg warmers, and a korker hair tie to review. Right from the start I was pleased. =) These cute socks fit my son perfectly and keep his little feet warm. =) They also have the anti slip grip on the bottom which is great since my little guy is toddling around now.


My youngest daughter was happy to see a korker hair tie to use in her pretty hair.  She was excited that she just started school recently and wants to wear it in her hair everyday to show her friends. It is very well made. Sometimes her hair ties don’t last long because they aren’t made very well but this hair tie is great! They sell hair ties and other hair accessories as well for the princess in your life.


I had never seen leg warmers until last year and we love using them! They are great for around the house when it gets a little chilly and way easier than having to take off a pair of pants to change a diaper. 😉 Not to mention there are so many cute designs! The size we reviewed will fit from ages 6 months all the way to young adult! I didn’t even know that until recently! They can even be worn on arms. =) One of my favorite items they sell are these cute hats. They have hats with monkeys on them, owls, puppies and more.. Doesn’t my little guy look so cute in his monster hat? =)

I HIGHLY recommend shopping at juDanzy, they even offer FREE shipping in the U.S. Check out their website by clicking HERE. You can also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • Jessica Farwell

    That hat is ADORABLE!! 😀

  • Jennifer

    i keep getting confused with babylegs new name! i love the other accessories though! so cute!


    Yes they have been working pretty well on my little guys feet and don’t fall off. =)

  • Rebecca

    The socks are super cute! I am currently on a search for socks that will actually stay on my baby’s feet, how do these do about not sliding off as he moves around?

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