Keeping your Chickens safe from predators

chickens, racoons, predators, chickens killed, animals. chicken coop A couple of months ago our family decided that we were going to get some baby chicks to raise so we could get fresh organic eggs. We were so excited when we walked into the Tractor Supply Store during their “Chick days” we got 6 baby chicks and everything we needed for starting out. They were kept inside for 6 weeks and grew so big in that short amount of time.

 A couple of weeks before they were transitioned outside my husband and I built their chicken coop. It was one that we bought on Ebay that looks really cute like a house for chickens. We had never raised chickens before and a few of our neighbors had told us to watch out for predators that would try to get to the chickens.

I was so naïve and would tell my husband that it’s the city near the ocean where neighbors are all over place and that I have never seen any wildlife at all out here! The only animals I have ever seen was squirrels and seagulls. We’ve lived in the country before and I felt sure that nothing would happen here and with our new cute chicken coop for our chickens they would be fine.

chickens, racoons, predators, chickens killed, animals. chicken coopEverything went fine the first night and then the second morning when I went out to let them out of the housing part, one of the chicks were on the outside waiting near the coop door. I found that odd and wondered how he got out and then of course to my horror I saw blood and the other 5 were missing. Something had knocked a board up from underneath and all the chickens had fallen out to the ground. We never did find them that day anywhere and decided we were going to take the one back inside for a while. My husband fixed the board in hopes that it would do the trick in the future. Unfortunately the last chicken was killed as well. We found prints all over the coop which look like to me Racoon prints? Our poor chicken was  pulled out from some slats that were up underneath.

chickens, racoons, predators, chickens killed, animals. chicken coop

Again I was so upset. How could this be happening? We spent so much time and energy into having chickens and to me after raising them that short while I realized that chickens have personalities and they were becoming more of a pet to me then anything. We decided to adopt some more from online because we didn’t find any babies in our area so we got some from They arrived safely and are doing very well. I cannot believe how big they are already!

My husband has put so many locks and has altered the chicken coop that there is no way that anything is getting to my babies again!

If your planning to get baby chicks or have gotten some recently and getting ready to put them outdoors please make sure that the coops is bullet proof per say. Apparently there are some critters out there that are wicked smart and clever and get to your animals if you’re not careful.

Lesson learned here, just because we are in the city doesn’t mean that there isn’t any night-time predators lurking to get to my chickens.


  • Sarah Hayes

    This would be a big issue where we live. Id love to have chicken some day but would also be afraid something would get to them.

  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    There is definitely a lesson to learn here – now, while we have have chickens or so.. this is a good insight in case we try to have one in the future.

  • Shannon Gurnee

    My husband used to have chickens on his property. I would love to have them someday. I’ll definitely be looking to this for the future.

  • Jessica Simms

    That is so sad! I am sorry for your lose, good thing you atleast learn how to protect your new chicks and are able to keep them safe.

  • Kiwi

    Although I dont have any chickens I am raising nor plan to…this is an informative post. Cute chickys!

  • Ricci

    I’m sorry something got your baby chicks!! I lived on a farm growing up and it’s crazy how attached you get to the animals!!

  • Chubskulit Rose

    That’s a bummer. I remember last month, the doves in our backyard were being swept away by the hawk and it was very sad as we would see heads in the backyard and feathers. Hope nobody gets inlto your chick coop anymore.


  • Lisa @bitesforbabies

    I would love to have my own chickens…I am not a meat eater however, I would love to raise them if only to have fresh, organic eggs!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg baby chicks are so cute!!! I have a friend that lives down the street that has chicks and chickens! I’m always making her give me fresh eggs lol

  • Lynndee

    My mom has a lot of chickens and chicks back home. I remember her being upset before after finding out some of the chicks were gone. I will share this with her.

  • Dogvills

    So sorry to hear about what happened to the chicks. I hope they are safe now that you have put locks.

  • Erin

    Oh thats so sad! We don’t have chickens but do have a rabbit run outside that we let our house bunny go in to get some fresh air and we had to put a lot into making it predator safe!

  • Bree @ HalfPennyBlog

    It’s amazing that even the city can have predatory animals! We had coyotes running around the neighborhood my parents moved to that ended getting one of our cats. We also had raccoons an opossums.

  • Jeanine

    Oh my goodness. How sad, and terrible. Poor little chickens. That’s so awful but I’m glad you’ve now figured out a way to keep them safe. Poor little guys. Thanks for sharing hopefully it helps other chick owners!

  • Shaney Vijendranath

    They are so adorable. I can’t remember the last time I saw a chick. My daughter would love them.

  • Alyssa C

    My MIL just got baby chicks too! I am definitely going to share your post with her. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mistee Dawn

    Oh no! I am sorry sorry about your little babies! We have a raccoon problem, too! He will not stay out of our trash!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is great advice to keeping your little chicks safe from predators. A lot of people don’t realize that the night predators also have little hands and they can open things like humans. Thanks for sharing.

  • desirae young

    Ohh my gosh this is so sad! We had to put our great dane down to sleep this morning and it was easy! Loosing pets is something I never imagined being hard.

  • Uplifting Families

    Aww, that is horrible. I bet your right that a racoon or possum took them. I hope your next batch of chickens stays safe.

  • Nancy

    Omg the sweet baby chicks! I’m glad you’re doing something to protect them throughout the night time.

  • HilLesha

    Aw, that is sad to hear! However, I am glad to hear that you figured out a solution.

  • Lyndsey Jones

    This is so sweet. I can see how you’ve gotten attached to them already. They are adorable.

  • Liz Mays

    Oh wow I didn’t know predators would become aware of them so quickly. Hopefully there are some effective defenses you can put up!

  • touristmeetstraveler

    Great post, it must be super scary to imagine what could get at the chickens! Awesome advice on keeping them safe from those pesky animals.

  • lisa

    I am so sorry! That is so sad and terrifying. It really is hard to imagine predators in the city but raccoons are everywhere.

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    No raising Chickens for me as I’m an apartment dweller, but it’s scary that there are tons of predators out there trying to get those cute chickies!

  • Megan Elford

    Oh my goodness, that’s awful! The poor baby chicks :-(. I’m so glad you were able to try again with a new batch though. Hopefully the predator won’t be able to get in this time!

  • Melissa Pezza

    Oh, that is so sad! =( Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. We live in a populated area, and I still see raccoon from time to time.

  • Diana Villa

    They are so cute! I’m glad that you find the way to keep them save, excellent post. Thanks ^_^

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I live in Georgia, and I can say with certainty that predators always find a way to get at food. I’m sorry your chicks got snatched. That’s very sad. =(

  • Theresa

    Having baby chicks would be such a neat adventure for my kids. I can’t wait until I have a yard to do this.

  • Christy Maurer

    Aww, I’m so sorry about the chickens you lost! Wild animals really are everywhere! I know there are coyotes taking little dogs not far from where I live and it’s not the country area. Thanks for sharing your tips to keep the chickens safe! Good luck!

  • Alli

    Poor little chicks! My mom had chickens when I was a little girl. We lived in the country and it seemed no matter how much they tried to protect those things, the coyotes would get to them. Hopefully, your new chicks will survive and thrive. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    We live in a wooded area and we have LOTS of woodland creatures roaming through our yard. What a shame about your chicks.

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