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We all know how important it is for our children to get adequate and good sleep every night but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Things like schoolwork and making it through the day can be hard if they haven’t slept well the night before.

        KidFitPillow2I didn’t realize there was pillows made JUST for kids. Of course I’ve seen those small character ones for slumber parties or what not but have never really seen a really nice pillow for them.

The KidFit pillow is made JUST for kids. It was developed by a father of two which is also a chiropractor doctor that spent many years with research and has over 17 years of experience.

Their pillows come in 3 different sizes because all kiddos grow. =) They have Stage 1- for kids ages 2-4. Stage 2- for ages 5-7 and Stage 3- for ages 8-11.

The KidFit pillow is not your ordinary pillow. It’s like heaven in a pillow. Starting from the outside, the cover of the pillow is made out of silky microfiber material, hypoallergenic and machine washable. The cover over the memory foam which is very breathable, protects the foam and is also machine washable. The memory foam inside is made of the highest quality memory foam and has small holes to allow airflow and better temperature regulation.

It also won the PTPA Award (Parent Tested Parent Approved).


My son, as you can see was very excited when he saw the box that had his new pillow in it. As soon as I took it out of the box I could feel how soft the outside was thanks to the silky material. I unzipped the two covers and checked out the memory foam (I had never really seen memory foam before) and it looks very neat. I like how the covers are machine washable which makes my life a little easier that I don’t have to hand wash or spot clean it only.

We did run into a little issue with the pillow but their customer service was awesome and took care of it very quickly.

   SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   What I love the most about this pillow is it is great for my son. He loves it and he seems to get a great nights sleep using it. I highly recommend this pillow for all kiddos out there.   

You can learn more about this amazing pillow and purchase one for your kiddo by visiting  Follow them on the web on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • jane

    this looks very nice for kids! my daughter always ask me to give her a back massage at night before her bed time she said she gets good sleep from it

  • April Smith Decheine

    Oh cool, what a neat pillow for little kids. My daughter is due with her first this September, such fun things to think about buying her down the road.

  • Lavende & Lemonade

    How interesting to have a pillow for different ages!

  • Babita@BabsProjects

    I never knew there were pillows designed specially for kids. Seems like a great product and I think my kids might like it.

  • Emilee

    That’s really neat! I don’t have small kiddos anymore, but I will definitely pass this along to my friends that do! Thanks!

  • Jen Lawrence

    I need to try the stage 2 for my six year old! He always fights me at bedtime and will not always get a good night of rest which he needs. He has so many daily activities and I need him well rested. Thank you for this review!

  • Rosey

    Like you, I’ve seen the little ones for camping or what have you, but never the real deal. This is nice, I’d get my son one of these!!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    What a cool idea! I never thought about kid sized pillows. Thanks for sharing.

  • Minta Boggs

    That sounds like a great pillow better than those $4.00 or $10.00 ones you buy at the store. I wish I would of seen this sooner my son is almost at the age limit of this wonderful pillow. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely pass it along to some of my friends that have little kids.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    A good night sleep makes a satisfied child. I love this pillow because it is memory foam and it would make a great gift also. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brijdeep

    Looks nice.. and he looks so comfy.. 😀

  • Leira Pagaspas

    What you said just totally makes sense. I’m googling their website and will order for my kids.

  • Marielle Altenor

    I should check them out and get one for my son! I got him a pillow from Ikea but I had to put it in the wash not too long ago and it’s not as soft as it was.

  • LaTonya (Detroit Mom)

    My kids slept well through the night when they were babies. But for moms of kids that don’t this is great.

  • Sharon

    That’s so cool! I wish I’d seen these when all of my kids were younger 🙂

  • Lalia @ Found Frolicking

    This is awesome!!! We just recently set up a toddler bed for our nearly 2-year-old and I have been contemplating when he’ll actually NEED a pillow. He doesn’t even have one, as full-size pillows definitely seem too large. I’ll be looking into one of these sure. I would love to see an organic and unbleached option!

  • Hilary @ The RNY Life

    What a great idea. I never knew they made pillows just for kids. I might have to get a couple for my kids.

  • Liz Mays

    I hadn’t thought about it, but it does make good sense to have a kid-sized pillow. I remember my mom wouldn’t let us sleep on a pillow for a long time when we were kids because she was afraid it would hurt our backs. I have no idea if there was any validity to that.

  • Melinda Stephens

    Nice concept, but there is no way I would pay $70 for a pillow for a kid. We found a small travel sized pillow instead and that works great.

  • Mary Ann

    I had no idea that pillows came in different sizes, either! Thanks for telling me about them!

  • FamiGami

    The pillow looks very soft and comfy. I just hope it doesn’t lose shape like every other pillow eventually does!

  • R U S S

    Adults need these kinds of pillows as well 🙂
    I sleep well with a good pillow .. really important.

  • kira T

    This is really cool. I didn’t know they made pillows for kids. My son just has a regular pillow.

  • celebbabylaundry

    I’ve never heard of these pillows, I need to get one for my daughter!

  • Heather

    Oh this is great!! Its hard to find pillows that are just right for kids.

  • Donna Laird

    My kiddo still sleeps wit his boppy pillow… 4 years later LOL maybe he will let go of it and allow a new pillow to take its place!

  • Glossytweets (@glossytweetss)

    Interesting. I had no idea there was invented a pillow just for kids. That is insane…:D

  • Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)

    This review is so informative, as I’ve never heard of this product before, but it seems interesting. It’s great that the pillow helped your child sleep better.

  • Paula Parker

    Wow! I can’t believe all the great features this pillow has. I love memory foam pillows. I like that pillow is washable. The air holes are also going to help keep the pillow fresh between cleanings. I like that the company has 17 years experience. You can only have that, if you have a good reputable product. Thanks for the info.

  • Rach @ EazyPeazyMealz

    Wow! I am definitely going to check this out. My son recently started waking at night and wanting to sleep with someone. Anything to help him sleep better.

  • Mrs. Mashed Up

    They seem to make mini-versuons of everything for kiddies. I didn’t notice until I had Baby Mash! 🙂

  • Kungphoo

    I will have to show this to my wife.. We are always looking for good pillows..

  • Michelle F.

    That looks like a great pillow. I have to look into that for my 2 year old.

  • Samantha Angell

    I’ve never thought of kids needing their own unique pillow- but it makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing.

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