A Special Thanks to FlyBy Promotions for sending me King’s Faith to watch and review on my blog. =)

When I saw that I had the opportunity to watch and review KING’S FAITH after learning what it was about I really wanted to see it.


Eighteen foster homes. Nine arrests. One life-changing moment. After Brendan King’s life spiraled to rock bottom, the teen found hope in a new relationship with Christ while serving time in a juvenile penitentiary. Recently released from prison, Brendan find solace in the foster home of a couple struggling with suppressed grief.

As the city-bred teen enrolls at a suburban high school, he finds support from a group of believers. Yet the bonds of his old way life-and the gang that wants to know where he hid their stash on a long-ago night-are strong. In his darkest moments, Brendan found faith. Now he must decide if it’s worth the price to hold on to it.


I haven’t sat down and watched a movie for a LONG time so I couldn’t wait for my husband and I to sit down and watch this movie together. We enjoyed this movie a lot. It is definitely a must see movie for all! It has a great story and the ending tied in with everything else. You know how some movies have an ending and your like um okay that made no sense at all and leaves you hanging? Ya I don’t like movies like that but this movie was PERFECT! This is a movie that I could watch over and over again.

If you want to find out more about KING’S FAITH and even watch a trailer of the movie click HERE.

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  • eric rivera

    wow i think this will be an interesting watch

  • Sherry

    Great movie!

  • JJ Caraway

    King’s Faith is a movie I would enjoy watching, just reading your review about it makes me want to know what steps he will take along the way and what will happen.

  • Carolyn Colley

    This sounds like a very good movie, sounds like some of his feelings are feelings that I experience sometimes, I would love to see this movie.

  • Renee H.

    I’ve been searching for some good Christian movies! This looks like one we should see, win or not, thank you 🙂

  • Carolyn Colley

    please delete my entry for twitter follow: Follow @kingsfaith on Twitter, I hit by mistake, thank you

  • Tamega D.

    Looks interesting

  • Holly C

    Hoping to win.. looks good!!

  • Jeannette

    We are always looking for good christian movies! Thank you for sharing! I plan on seeing if this is on Netflix for my husband and I to watch on our next date night 🙂

  • Carla D.

    Thank you for all the info on this movie. It sounds like it would be something I enjoy. 🙂

  • Rebecca Xavier

    This movie sounds so good.

  • Samantha s Brown

    looks good 🙂

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