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Anybody that knows me knows I LOVE cloth diapering my son and LOVE cloth diapers! =) I really wish I would have known about all these new cloth diapers when my older 4 were born. When I was pregnant with my youngest I did a lot of research and reading online about cloth diapering and decided it was something I really wanted to do.  There are many different types of diapers and one of my big favorites are the one size.  Cloth Diapers are eco-friendly, save money, and not to mention they are so cute! You can even make your own cloth diaper wipe solution and use cloth wipes with your diapers. =)


Little Monsters Cloth Diapers are so stinkin cute! Now that we have been using this great diaper I want to replace all his plain ones with more Little Monsters. =) They are one size and will fit from 9-35lbs. It has multiple rows of snaps that allow to adjust and grow with your baby. This diaper comes with a triple-layered microfiber insert that easily slips inside the pocket. This diaper fits my son perfect and we have had no leaks which is definitely great! Everybody that has seen my little guy with this diaper on comment on how cute it is and wished they had children in cloth too.

We HIGHLY recommend Little Monsters Cloth Diapers! Go check out their website by clicking HERE. =) They have all sorts of different cloth diapers and accessories for girls and boys.

You can also find them on FACEBOOK.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • The little frog on the back of the diaper is so cute! I love all their designs.

  • Rachael L Roberts

    I just LOVE these cloth diapers!!!! The pics of your little one reminded me of Remy & I can just imagine how awesome he would look in these, he is a ladies man lol. I also think the designs are amazing & that they are one size and will fit from 9 to 35 lbs. makes them long lasting plus no leaks ROCKS!!!!. I have heard such GREAT things about Little Monsters!! Good Luck all & Thank you & Little Monsters for such an amazing giveaway!!!!!

  • sharon b

    the giraffe one on her site is so cute. i may need to buy it

  • Barbara F

    So cute! Thank you for the review! 🙂

  • This diaper is so cute! Your little one looks adorable in it.

  • Rachael R

    Not only do I LOVE the cute designs but 1 size & adjustable that is just AMAZING!!!! I think cloth diapers are just plain awesome because cloth diapers are eco-friendly, save money & if your little one has sensitive skin they are so soft & if you use disposables diapers you can still use cloth. Thank You for such a AMAZING giveaway & good luck all!!!!

  • Christina Howell

    These are so cute! I really like that they are one size and have pockets for stuffing.

  • Erin

    Awesome!! So adorable!! 🙂

  • Kara C.

    I have never heard of this brand. That frog print is adorable!

  • Rachel

    I’ve been wanting the giraffe! These are so cute!

  • One Southern Girl

    I love the embroidered diapers… so hard to pick one, but I think dino, owl and sunflower probably top my list of favorite ones!

  • Caroline B

    the designs are so cute!

  • Aaron P.

    Little Monsters cloth diapering is sooo cute. We’ve been wanting to get some, but haven’t had the chance – thank you for reviewing and having a giveaway!

  • Julianne

    Nearly half my stash is made up of Little Monsters diapers and I just love them! My sister, who is 23 weeks pregnant with her first, is already in love with them too, and can’t wait to diaper her little one (a boy) with them!

  • Jessica

    Cute diapers!

  • Brandy Crowe

    I am just starting to look into cloth diapering and I can’t wait. These are so cute and I hope I can win one to try so I can figure out what I am doing. If not then hopefully a little farther down the road after saving from cd maybe I can get one of these cuties.

  • Tammie Coonley

    I actually bought 3 Little Monsters Diapers from Zulily before my daughter was born. They have the cutest diapers. And they are SUPER SOFT! I love them. I can’t actually afford to pay $22.99 a diaper, but if I could, I would have a TON of these! These are some of my favorite diapers! 🙂 I hope to add more to my stash! 🙂

  • Holli Fernandez

    Oh my gosh. Now I remember why I am a fluff addict because of cute and fun diapers like these. I make my own and usually dont buy but I have to have these! I cannot wait to get one! I love that there is darling boy stuff. So hard to find these days! You hit the nail right on the head with these darling diapers!

  • Katie

    I love these diapers! They are soo Cute 🙂 I really like the Bobby Monster Diaper.

  • ashley tucker

    I really want to put our son in cloth diapers but I have to convince my husband that its a good idea.

  • Amanda Bolduc

    Super cute diapers! Love the baby legs with them

  • Joelle S.

    I’m going to have to Get some leg warmers! So cute!

  • Cortney Coon

    Oh these are soooo cute!!! i love the prints!!

  • Jessica Hughes

    I’ve been eyeing these diapers for so long! I absolutely love the Bunny Moon diaper – so adorable!

  • Lisa

    These diapers are adorable and I really would love to try one out. I especially love the koala one.

  • Ashley Despain

    I so love how these diapers look. So want to try them!!

  • Katrina

    Love Little Monsters Diapers as well, for a bigger pocket diaper they are very trim against little babies. My lil man was very long and lean but his diaper fit just fine because of the cross over buttons.

  • sarah free

    I love the little monster diapers. I just saw the new mustache diaper!

  • Jessica B

    I love these diapers! My November baby to be will look adorable in these diapers!

  • Dana b

    I love these. I am going to cloth diaper my second child only wish I had done research sooner.

  • Rebecca

    I love these diapers! I think the embroidered picture on the butt is so adorable, and they have an awesome variety.

  • Tara

    I love the little lion diaper.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    They have some Awesome prints. I have a Little Monsters Cloth diaper and its one of my favorites! I’ve never had a leaking problem with them!

  • Betsy M Domingue

    I love this…I also love the little leg warmers….So gonna have to get some or make some for my baby boy soon 🙂

  • Laura

    LOVE it!!! I’ve seen some with patterns, but the froggy-face is so adorable! First-time mom-to-be this Dec, and hoping to do cloth diapering! 🙂

  • Kristal

    I would really like to have some of these. I plan on using cloth diapers when I finally get to have a baby.

  • Jennifer

    i love the prints! we have yet to try these and i would really love to!

  • This diaper is so cute! I need to liven up my cloth diaper stash because they are all solid colors. 🙁

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  • Renee H.

    These really are cute. Do they work well overnight?

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