Love Your Bathroom: Making A Bathroom Family-Friendly

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If you have kids, you need to make sure you make the house as child friendly as possible to stop them from hurting themselves. However, we also need space in our homes that make it feel like it is for the adults as well as having a child focus, do you know what I mean? One of the most dangerous rooms in the house for kids can be the bathroom, but it is also one of those places where, mothers especially, might like to go and relax and unwind. So how do you find the balance? It doesn’t need to be difficult to make your bathroom more child friendly and elegant at the same time. By considering both aspects it is possible to make everyone in your home safe but above all happy. Let’s take a look at the easy way to do it.

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Let’s make the sink safe

A sturdy step stool will help your kids to reach the sink and the toilet with ease but that doesn’t mean to say that the sink and toilet basin need to be nothing but basic. The key is to make sure it’s sturdy enough so that they can’t tumble and hurt themselves. You could even get a collapsible one to save space in your bathroom if it’s small. Something like this can stop them from needing your help and encourage them to become more independent. At the same time, having the option to put it away means that instantly your elegant bathroom looks very adult friendly.

Temperature Safety Device

Hot water can be really damaging to children’s delicate skin, so make sure you have a temperature safety device to regulate it. You can do this with your boiler or on the taps themselves. You should never leave very young children in the bathroom alone anyway, but this stops accidents from happening.

Considering the bathroom suite itself

Of course, there will be certain elements of the bathroom you need to consider, and a lot of them have much to do with safety. But you also need to consider how the bathroom will look when the children are asleep and you want to relax. Replacing the bathroom can be quite costly and certainly an investment, so considering something like a freestanding tub, elegant sink and toilet basin could help transform the bathroom. Furthermore, you may want to think about storage options so that all of the child-friendly accessories that we may discuss later can be neatly tidied away. Allowing you to quickly transform the overall look.

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Fun Accessories

Fun accessories will make the bathroom look more welcoming to kids. You don’t need to make it like a full on play house, but you can include colors and patterns to make it look nicer to them! Pick a nice color scheme and consider including pattern where you can.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats in the bath/shower will make it almost impossible for your child to slip over. Even when they’re in the bath things can get slippery, so make sure you have a good matt in place to stop accidents from happening. It doesn’t look great, but your child’s safety should always come first!

Water Resistant Rugs

Water resistant rugs or even a water resistant carpet will stop the bathroom floor from becoming too slippery. Falling and hurting yourself on the bathroom floor can be really painful, so you don’t want it to happen to your kids! If possible, make sure this rug/carpet is also stain resistant! Don’t just get any old rug or carpet, as it can become smelly and moldy in no time. Water resistant carpet is the best for bathrooms.

Keeping the storage secure

We all need good storage in our homes, and one of the main factors a family home needs is the flexibility of being able to transform from family to adult, simply by putting things away. However, bathroom cupboards can contain medication, sharp things, and other things that can harm children. So putting some padlocks or child safety features on them so they can’t get in while you’re not there. If possible, keep everything well out of their reach regardless of whether you have padlocks or not!

Keeping your kids safe in the bathroom should be paramount to you, but we also need to remember that as parents we need the chance to unwind and be ourselves, especially in our own home. If you use these tips, you’ll easily make your bathroom more child friendly and stop them from hurting themselves, while still being able to enjoy the space. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your kids, and always accompany them in the bathroom if they are very young.

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