“My Love for Wool”




When I was pregnant with my youngest child I did a lot of research and blog reading to learn about cloth diapering. I knew I wanted to cloth diaper but knew nothing about any of that subject lol. I spent countless of nights and hours figuring out how many I needed, what brands, the different soaps to use. Then there was the confusion between one size, all in one, fitted, covers, inserts lol, it was so overwhelming! Finally I got the hang of it and was ready when our little guy was born.


For awhile I was addicted to buying all sorts of different cloth diapers, cloth wipes, detergents, leg warmers and anything we hadn’t used yet. I knew it would be the only time left in my life since he was my last baby to cloth diaper so I wanted to get him everything. Then came all the talk on a facebook group about wool this, wool that, wool longies this, wool longies that lol. So of course I had to look that up and see what that was all about. Well, at first it sounded gross! That all I had to do was turn it inside out to dry and it would be good to use again and you don’t have to wash them but every couple of weeks? WHAT???!!! I did like though that they are a lifesaver for nighttime. Back when my son was younger we were always waking up to soaked sheets because he had wet through his cloth diaper. It took me a couple of months before I broke down and purchased a sustainablebabyish wool diaper cover, they are pretty expensive so I only purchased one at the beginning. I was pleased with how they looked and how they worked well at night, no more leaks! You can use them over any type of diaper. I certainly fell in love with his wool diaper cover and turned around and bought him a pair of wool longies and another wool cover. I LOVE his wool longies, they are so cute! I wish I could buy him all their different colors.

So if you’re contemplating trying wool, I would buy at least one wool cover, I think you would get hooked lol. =)

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  • crystal

    I would love to try wool! Where did you get yours? 🙂

  • That sounds cool! I started trying cloth diapers for the first time. I love them!

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