Lovin’ Summer! Fun Garden Ideas For Your Kids

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The feeling of summer truly washes over us when we’re out in the garden, doesn’t it? The time to kick back and enjoy the summer with a nice cool lemonade is one of life’s pleasures until the children start trampling down the stairs and making an almighty racket, disturbing your peaceful mid-afternoon slumber! Yes, we need to find ways to keep our children entertained while we’re out in the garden, so what are the best methods?


Get Them Planting!

You may as well make the most of them being out in the garden and no doubt you could do with an extra pair of hands to make those flowerbeds! Yes, it can be a task that may result in some puzzled faces or even boredom, or it might be a challenge to get them to sit still. But patience is a virtue to instill in them when they’re young anyway. But you can get little plant pot sets for kids which contains everything they would need. It’s a wonderful thing when you see their faces staring in bewilderment at the plant they’ve spent a long time nurturing.

Get Them Exercising!

If you can get your children to do 100 laps around the garden so you can have 15 minutes peace, then good for you! If trying to get them to do anything remotely good for them is a challenge, it’s time to bring out the big guns, and trick them into exercising. The solution? A trampoline, it’s the perfect exercise, and it’s hours and hours of fun for everyone, even the adults! Depending on the size of your garden, you may wonder what the best trampoline is for your money, but safety is something else to bear in mind too. Around 100,000 injuries are caused by trampolines in the US every year. That’s always the trick to get them exercising, whatever the weather, make it fun!


Get Them Playing!

Did you love forts when you were a kid? It’s like a little rite of passage for a lot of us when we were younger, and whether indoors or outdoors, come rain or shine, building a fort is just plain fun! Use the clothes horse and drape sheets over them, add some cushions, and you’ve got a lovely fort. Or any spare cardboard boxes if you don’t want to get the sheets dirty! Playing hide and seek is great for children because you don’t need to get involved, meaning that you can take your rightful place in the sun, and relax!

Get Them Creating!

Arts, crafts, paints, anything like that provides hours of fun (and peace and quiet) when the children are out in the back garden, and you can let them go wild with things like finger painting because they can’t make a mess indoors. Use the garden as inspiration and get your children to paint their favorite flower in as many colors as possible. Ask them to do the flower in as much detail as they can, and you’ve got a few hours quiet time!

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