Make Your Kid’s Lunchbox Healthier

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While we can’t always ensure our kids stay healthy at school, we can control what they consume when they go past the school gates. After all, we make their lunchbox which they have to take every day to school. Therefore, we need to ensure it is as healthy as possible for the sake of their overall health. Here are some ways you can make sure your kid’s lunchbox is healthier while still delicious.


Add a piece of fruit to the box rather than sweets

It’s so easy to end up adding some sweets to your kid’s lunchbox. After all, we are trying to use up the remainder of the chocolate from the Christmas cupboard! However, there are many reasons why you should skip the sweets in your child’s lunchbox. For one thing, they are terrible for your kid’s teeth. And unless you want your little one to end up with a filling at their next dentist appointment, it’s time to cut them out of the lunchbox. And they could be causing your child to put on weight. Therefore, opt for a piece of fruit instead to satisfy your child’s hunger. To make it more interesting, you could chop it up to make funny shapes. Or you could even get a character themed bag of fruit pieces, as you can see here, that your kid will love!


Switch from white to wholemeal bread

A lot of people don’t realize how bad ‘white’ bread is for your health. For one thing, it’s made from refined grains, so it’s far from nutritious. In fact, it’s low in magnesium and vitamins which are essential to keep your kids healthy. And when it comes to white bread, it tends to just store in your body which can contribute to making you put on weight. Therefore, when it comes to your kid’s lunchbox, you should always opt for wholemeal bread for their sandwiches. It will ensure your kid stays healthy when consuming the main part of their lunch. After all, wholemeal has essential nutrients to keep them super healthy! And you can make the sandwiches more interesting by cutting them into fun shapes. Get some good bread knives from sites like Cut It Fine, and then you can use it to cut the bread into great designs. And by doing this, it will distract them from the fact the bread is wholemeal!

Opt for low-fat rather than full-fat yogurt

A yogurt is a great thing to add to your child’s lunchbox. After all, it can help soothe their digestive system. And it’s full of calcium which is essential for their growing bones. But instead of full-fat yogurt, it’s worth going for the low-fat option for their lunchbox. After all, this removes all the extra fat which is put in the yogurt. And it will make sure they don’t over the limit of how much fat they should be consuming. Even if it’s low-fat, you can still get some fun flavors that your kid will love. And you can make it extra fun by adding fruit or nuts to ensure they love their lunch.



And if you want to go for some form of sweet treat, bake them a flapjack rather than opting for some kind of cake. After all, it’s a lot healthier while also providing them with something yummy to eat!

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