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A special thanks to Merlot Skin Care for providing me with free product to review on my blog.

About Merlot Skin Care: 

Since 2001 Merlot Skin Care has delivered skin care innovations to help women look and feel their best. Their good-for-you philosophy maintains that customers can look like a million bucks without spending that much. The Merlot Skin Care line utilizes the power of natural grade seed antioxidants to fight free radicals-the particles generated by smog, pollution, and harmful UV rays that routinely damage our skin.

More than 10 years ago while watching “60 Minutes,” Wayne Beckley first learned of “the French Paradox” – a report on people in France who consumed diets heavy in saturated fat, but who seemed to suffer virtually no heart disease. The report linked the findings to the drinking of red wine.

Intrigued, Beckley chronicled over 70 research studies that indicated that drinking a couple of glasses of red wine each day could be beneficial in warding off certain cancers and lowering cholesterol in the body. The reason: the antioxidants found in red grapes. Investigating further, Beckley found studies revealing the grape’s true power, their seeds. Research studies have shown that grape seed antioxidants are 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and nearly 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C. Beckley launched Merlot Skin Care, utilizing the power of the grape seed in each unique formatins.

Merlot is a family-run business based in Texas. All products are made in the USA. They do not test their products on animals and their products are also Paraben-free.



Put your best foot forward!  Cooling aloe and natural antioxidants help renew and repair dry skin and heal calluses.

  • Invigorates skin cells
  • Renews skin
  • Smooths cracks
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes
  • Great for tired achy feet


Before I started using Merlot Foot Cream my feet were, well pretty gross! The bottoms of my heels were very callused and always dry and cracked. I hate to wear socks so my feet are always out in the elements. Nothing before has really ever helped it so at first I was kind of skeptical that trying another product would really do anything. After the first week I started to notice that the heels of my feet were getting smoother and not so dry and rough. I really enjoy the cooling effect of using it especially after a long day on my feet. I use this twice a day for even better results. I am very happy that now I know of something that really works! 🙂


Merlot Divine:

Sparkling fragrance inspired by the fruits of the vine.  Bursting with citrus followed by a floral bouquet, top notes give way to a light and woodsy musk.  Appealing to refined senses, Merlot Divine is a perfectly fresh fragrance to last all day.  Merlot Divine is packaged in a tall glass bottle that can be reused as a single-bloom vase.


This by far was my favorite of all. 🙂 I instantly fell in love with the beautiful scent that it gives. I use it everyday and it has replaced my other perfume. As you can see in the photos the glass bottle it comes in is beautiful as well and sits nicely in my bathroom.

I also tried their Merlot Moisturizer which is an ultra-gentle, light-weight formula packed with the power of natural grape seed antioxidants. The moisturizer works to fight against free- radicals the particles that contribute to the signs of premature aging. What I really like about their moisturizer that it’s designed for daily use and can be used as a primer before applying make-up.

Merlot Skin Care has a lot of different product such as: Moisturizer, Cleanser, Toner, Night Cream, eye cream, peel off masks, anti-wrinkle cream and more. You can check out all their products at You subscribe to their emails and be the first to know about upcoming deals.  They also can be found on facebook.

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