My wash routine for cloth diapers in hard water..

IMG_9349If you have hardwater like I do, finding a wash routine for your cloth diapers is very tricky, my youngest is now 7 months and I have finally figured out what works for us. We own a lot of cloth diapers so we do the wash every other night,  my detergent of choice that has finally worked for us is eco sprout, we have tryed rockin green hard rock and charlies soap with not as good of luck as the eco sprout, I do an initial cold wash with 1 tbls of the eco sprout with extra rinse, next I add 2 tbls of eco sprout and a 1/2 capful of calgon water softener with a hot wash with extra rinse and I also do one extra rinse, sounds like a lot but that is what has worked for us. For drying, I dry the inserts on low heat in the dryer and hang the covers (pockets) to dry on a drying rack, during the warmer and sunnier seasons I hang them out for the sun to dry them.


    It is also better on their bums. =) I have heard that regular diapers have chemicals in them. My youngest is my last child so I have wanted to buy him every kind I can. I have found that the one size is the easiest way to go. They will grow with your baby from newborn to potty training. As far as the cost, I’m trying to think of the cheapest ones I have bought that aren’t too expensive. There are some out there that you probably could get for around $10 a piece but I’m not sure if I trust them. Most of them are about $20/each. Most always they will come with inserts and some are all in one meaning you don’t have to add the insert inside the diaper. The inserts are resuable as well with the diaper. There are some diapers that do take disposable but that can get costly I heard. Cloth is great but sometimes it is not easy! We have hard water which means I have to strop our diapers a lot! Hopefully you don’t have hard water at your home. Hopefully that helps, I will try to help you as much as I can with what I know. =)

  • Brittaney Hall


    I am currently expecting my 2nd child and I really want to do cloth diapering with her, as I am trying to be more ecofriendly and OF COURSE save some $$$$. But I have no idea where to start or even what to do. I see on your blog that it says that you love cloth diapering and I was wondering other than it being ecofriendly and less expensive, how does it help your baby? Also what is a good company that is not as expensive as the rest to start out with. & finally what about the inserts? I realize that there must be inserts but are those disposable or reusable?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated greatly. Thank you in advance.

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