Nature Trail


Every Spring and Summer there is a very beautiful place I love taking my kids to enjoy the wilderness. It has miles and miles of walking paths and also it is a great place to ride your bikes too. =)  We don’t really have a safe place to walk near our home on the open road so this place is perfect! There are no vehicles you have to worry about just wildlife. 😉 Last year my husband and I were out for a bike ride one morning during the Fall and we actually had to stop in our tracks and let a deer cross the path. It was a very beautiful experience.

PicMonkey Collage

On one of the paths there is an entrance you can take that is all made of wood planks that is raised above a marshy bog. It is beautiful to walk on that part of the trail. The kids love it because they see frogs at the first part of it and different plants and flowers on the way. Every few feet or so there are little stations that you can read about different plants and wildlife found there. I love it there and it is a place that we visit a lot during the warmer months to get out of the house and also to get some exercise while we enjoy the beautiful surroundings. =) 


    Thanks hun 🙂

  • Diana Villa

    You have a Beautiful family xoxo ^__^

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