Neglecting Home Maintenance Will Come Back To Bite You

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Doing maintenance on your house and garden is always a pain. It’s expensive and time-consuming, and if the damage is severe, you might have to move out of your house while the work is being carried out. Most people carry out maintenance when something breaks, and that’s the only time. But if you wait for something to go wrong before you start looking after your home, the damage is likely to be worse. Keeping on top of the maintenance regularly means that you’ll have to make smaller repairs more often, but you can avoid huge expensive repairs. Here’s how to keep on top of home maintenance.



Water damage is difficult to fix but you can avoid it if you’re careful. The seal around your bathtub and showers is one of the main areas that water gets in and causes damage. It’s only a five-minute job but it’ll save you a lot of time and effort in the long term. If you’ve neglected it for too long, you can get good info from RestorationEze about dealing with water damage and they can fix any major problems for you. Once everything is dried out again, stay on top of waterproofing to avoid it happening again.

Your gutters are another risk area. If they get clogged up, water will collect and start leaking in through the roof. Clearing out your gutters is only a difficult job if you leave it for ages and it gets bad. If you do it every couple of weeks, it’ll take no time at all and it’ll stop you from suffering any serious roof damage.


Mold is another problem that can quickly get on top of you if you neglect it for too long. It starts out with a few little spots here and there that you can easily put to the back of your mind but a couple of months down the line and you’ll have huge patches everywhere. If you clean it off and deal with the root cause as soon as you see it, it’s not that difficult. But when it gets bad, cleaning it up is a massive task. Mold in the house is bad for your health so it’s vital that you sort it before it gets out of hand.

Set Up A Calendar

It’s easy to forget about all of those small maintenance tasks when you’ve got a busy schedule so it’s worth setting up a calendar with reminders on. List all of the tasks that need doing regularly and put them on your calendar. If you use something like Google Calendar you can get email reminders sent to you so you don’t risk falling behind on your maintenance. You can even decide who is going to do what jobs when you put them on the calendar. That way there’ll be no arguing about who’s turn it is to clean out the gutters when they need doing.

Doing home maintenance isn’t fun, but neglecting it will only mean that you’ll have a lot more hard work to do in the future.

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