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            When Nell Newman and business partner Peter Meehan started Newman’s Own®Organics: The Second Generation® in 1993, they were sure there was a market for organic snack foods, but they couldn’t have anticipated just how fast the demand for their products would grow. In early 2001 the two business partners became their own entity (which was the goal from the beginning). Both companies now carry their own line of products.


Just recently my family was given the opportunity to sample quite a few of the Newman’s Own Organics snacks/foods. When the box arrived my kids wanted to dig right in lol. I was very excited to have NOO products in my home since we have been changing the way we eat lately and trying to eat as organic as we can. NOO makes a wide range of snack choices amongst other products as well. There is soo many to choose from it would satisfy anyone’s palate . 🙂

It’s funny how everyone is different and has their own favorite tastes they are looking for. My oldest daughter wanted the mints right off the bat, my two older boys and my husband went for anything chocolate 😉 and my youngest daughter was happy with the pretzels. I myself after trying a few things would have to say that my favorite pick was the cherry licorice.

Great tasting products that happen to be organic”  is their slogan and they are right! Their products do taste great! I really love how all of the ingredients that are used to make their products are organic. Their pretzels were the very first snack they made and now they have 10 different varieties they offer, how awesome is that? Their second product was the chocolate bars, now before this I had never heard of organic chocolate? Since 2009 they have taken their chocolate to a whole new level with their signature chocolate line that carries the USDA Organic and Rain Forest Alliance Certified ™ seals on both the bars and their chocolate cups.  Year after year they have come out with a lot more great products like dried fruit, cookies, popcorn, licorice, mints, cookies with cream inside (mmm), coffee, tea, olive oil, vinegar, and they even have pet food so your pets can eat organic too! 🙂

Newman’s Own® Organics’ products meet all the requirements of the USDA’s National Organic Program. Ingredients have been grown on farms that have not used artificial fertilizers or pesticides for three years or more. The farms and processors have also met the USDA’s organic standards. The products are sold nationwide in a number of mainstream supermarkets, in stores  featuring natural and health foods, as well as on a number of websites. The pet foods are sold in specialty pet stores and many other outlets.

You can learn more and check out what other tasty products they have to offer here at:

You can also visit their facebook page at :

Disclosure: I received above products for review purposes, I was not compensated for review post. All opinions stated are my own.

  • Hannah J

    I’d probably want to try the pretzels first.

  • l.m

    Those look so good!

  • bailey joseph

    Be great for toddlers

  • breebot

    i love the licorice but i’d love to try the cookies! 🙂

  • alejandra

    wow yummm

  • Diana Villa

    Looks great, healthy and very yummy. I’m going to check this 🙂

  • Looks like quality stuff!

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