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nonna box, subscription box, italian, italian food, food, recipes, rissoto, mushroomsI have always wanted to try different foods from around the world but since I don’t travel I haven’t been able to. Until now.. Just recently I had the pleasure of receiving and making a delicious recipe from the Nonna Box that was sent to me for review. 

Nonna Box: Is an Italian food subscription service that delivers every month a box of Italian imported products, recipes and stories from local Italian nonnas and wine pairings from an Italian sommelier. 

nonna box, subscription box, italian, italian food, food, recipes, rissoto, mushrooms

My box arrived fairly quickly and was packaged well. It was really sweet opening the box and finding an envelope that had MY name written on it making it more personal and thoughtful.

nonna box, subscription box, italian, italian food, food, recipes, rissoto, mushroomsInside that envelope held the cards of a local nonna’s story and her favorite recipe, recipe cards, cards about the products that were included in the box, culture guide and recipe wine pairings. 

nonna box, subscription box, italian, italian food, food, recipes, rissoto, mushroomsEach box comes with 5 to 7 full-size exclusive imported Italian ingredients not available in stores. My box included Acacia honey, Zambajone Moscato Cream, Fizzy Italian Soda Elderflower Flavor, Dry Porcini Mushrooms, Foglie di Mais Corn Cookies and Carnaroli Rice.

Now when I got my box and noticed the recipe on the back I have to say I was a little leery. I do NOT like mushrooms whatsoever so I had thought that when I made this meal I would not be able to enjoy any of it. Which of course made me a little sad, because here I am receiving a great box to review but do not like mushrooms which is called for in the recipe. 

nonna box, subscription box, italian, italian food, food, recipes, rissoto, mushrooms

The recipe I made was called Risotta with dried mushrooms, it was a little process from start to finish but I did enjoy the aromas of the kitchen as I was making it. When it was all done I figured since I had spent that time making it, I should give it a try just to see.. Now remember I am one that does not like mushrooms but I have to be honest I really enjoyed the Risotta with dried mushrooms and would definitely eat it again! 😉 

If you’re looking to try delicious new Italian products without leaving your kitchen I think you would love trying a Nonna Box! 

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Have you ever gotten a Nonna Box? What recipe did you make with yours?


  • I’ve tried different kinds of subscription boxes and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I would love to give Nonna’s a try too.

  • I have never received a Nonna Box, in fact I didn’t even know this subscription service existed. I love finding new ones to try.

  • Adriana

    SUCH an incredible idea! I love this! My grandma is very Italian and always cooks, but when she’s visiting Italy I could use this to pretend she IS here haha!! Love it – great idea!

  • Lori Who Needs A Cape?

    Now this looks like a super fun subscription box. I love trying new items and this one would make my tummy happy too…SCORE!!!

  • What a great idea. I love Italian food and would so love new recipes to try out at home! Thanks for sharing

  • Dina

    This is a very interesting idea for subscription! I can learn new recipes from this!

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    what a unique idea to try different foods. You’re braver than I, tho…I just can’t handle a mushroom or the thought of it. I’m afraid they would have been substituted, or my guys would eat it.

  • Rachel Akers

    What a great idea for trying new foods. Risotto is one of those dishes that takes awhile but is so worth it.

  • Melanie Smith

    That subscription sounds good! The italian food is ne of my favorite! And you with the last recipe you made me hungry!

  • I never heard of this subscription service but it sounds amazing. As a busy mom, I am always looking for conveneint shortcuts like this. Sounds delicious and easy.

  • Footloose Dev

    you know i was fasting today for some detoxication of my body, but it is posts like these that dont make me fast. haha lol. i need to eat something right now.

  • Tomi_C

    OMG! I have to check this subscription box out. I love food subscription boxes. They’re a great way to sample new products and experience new flavors. I’m thinking of some recipes I could make with that Zambajone Moscato Cream.

  • This looks like a great box! I love it even more because my kids call my mom Nonna! She’s not Italian, but we just love Italy.

  • Alli Smith

    I love that these are all recipes from someone’s Nonna! This is the coolest food subscription box I’ve seen. It would make a great gift as well!

  • Robin Rue

    This is really neat. I love how with this you have the chance to try foods you might not have otherwise tried.

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