It’s Not Easy Being A Big, Green Family

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Being green or eco-friendly a big deal. It means that you have respect for the environment and do everything in your power to lessen the strain that we humans as a species are putting in this world. But when you have a big family, being green isn’t always easy. So read on for some tips of how you can make your family’s lives greener, no matter how many of you there are.


Recycling is a great way of being more green no matter what the size of your family. In fact, for a larger family, it can be even more rewarding because you see so much more progress while filling up those recycling bins instead of the trash.

But what should you recycle? Well, of course, paper and card including packaging, but also glass and metal too. Remember that if sorted correctly aluminum cans most often use to hold food and drink can be recycled too.


The best way to do this is to have a separate bin for each of these things. Then it will make your life a lot easier when you go to the recycling point or bottle bank. You can even make it one of the kid’s chores that they get rewarded for to keep these bins clean and tidy. Although, do be aware it a job best suited to the older ones, as glass and metal can be dangerously sharp for the little ones to work with.  

Go vegan

Another way you can get your family to be a little green is to go vegan. Veganism is greener because not only do it does not include meat, something that uses up a lot of our world’s resources to be produced, but it also encourages the growth of plant crops which are better for the environment.

This is, of course, a big step for a lot of folks as the vegan diet is more restorative. That is why it can be useful to just do this for one meal a week and see how it goes.

When cooking, do some research on everything you need to know about vegan baking and cooking beforehand, to ensure that everyone enjoys the meals you cook. Then if you get the thumbs up, you can start to introduce more meals that are vegan throughout the week.

Clean green

You can also help your family go green, by choosing products to be used by them around the house that are more ecologically friendly. These include makeup and toiletries, as well as cleaning products. As these all traditionally contain a lot of harsh chemicals that can easily find their way into the water system and affect wildlife.

Use gray water

Lastly, another great way of getting your family and household to be a little greener is to use gray water. Greywater is water that has been used once for washing but is still good to be used again in the garden.

This preserves our valuable source of water. Also, remember if you are using green toiletries and cleaning products like the one mentioned above your plants and flower in the garden won’t mind a bit.

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