Oh Joyous! Those cloth diapers!


Oh the joys of cloth diapering! Don’t get me wrong because I absolutely love cloth diapers and love that my sons wear nothing but cloth diapers but now that he is almost 1 there’s just some things about it now, lol.

Cleaning his diapers were easy peasy when he was born, he’s breastfed so not much clean up there. Now that he’s getting solid foods and all this different type of yummies well you know his poopies are just not the same!

A few months ago I decided to buy a cloth diaper sprayer figuring it would be easier to rinse off his diaper then use the shower sprayer into a bucket. Well let me tell ya either I picked the wrong sprayer that doesn’t get good reviews or they are all like that and being over $50 I’m not buying another one! It was easy to assemble (or it was for my husband anyway) 😉 and I like how it looks but I don’t like how it makes the poopies fly if the pressure is too high, if it’s too low it doesn’t help at all. So ya I’m kind of at a lost with that lol. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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