Recharging After a Busy Day of Work a...

Recharging After a Busy Day of Work and Family
“Contributed Post“ Life can be stressful, especially when you’re a grown adult with responsibilities at work and at home. You get up in the morning, wake up the rest of the family, prepare a breakfast for more than just yourself, drive your kids to school, then slave away at your job. Once that’s all done, you’ll pick up the kids, [...]

It’s Not Easy Being A Big, Gree...

It’s Not Easy Being A Big, Green Family
“Contributed Post” Being green or eco-friendly a big deal. It means that you have respect for the environment and do everything in your power to lessen the strain that we humans as a species are putting in this world. But when you have a big family, being green isn’t always easy. So read on for some tips of how you can make [...]

Uh Oh, It’s Almost Time To Go B...

Uh Oh, It’s Almost Time To Go Back To School
“Contributed Post” Guys, I’m sorry to tell you this, but it is almost that time of year again when the kids head back to school. That might be hard for some parents to hear, particularly if you haven’t been on holiday yet. There will be lots of families who have been saving that trip to Disney until the end of summer. Or, you migh [...]

5 Steps To Overcome The Dreaded Weigh...

5 Steps To Overcome The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau
“Contributed Post” On any weight loss journey, there comes a time when there is a bit of a plateau. It might be from you, as you become bored with the routine of dieting, or that you have been in such a routine, that your body gets used to what you are doing. Often as you want to get rid of those last ten pounds, then things can s [...]

17 Outdoor Activities For Your Family...

17 Outdoor Activities For Your Family To Indulge In This Summer
“Contributed Post” When it comes to the summer months, there’s nothing quite like getting outside and making the most of the sunshine with your family. During the winter, you don’t always feel like going outside. When the weather is a lot harder and the nights draw in, you prefer t [...]

Daily Goodie Box for the month of Jul...

Daily Goodie Box for the month of July
  I love free samples and get excited every time I open up my mail box and find something new to try. A few months ago I learned of the Daily Goodie Box, signed myself up and received a box shortly after. Signing up was super easy and it is free to join! Daily Goodie Boxes are free and also include free shipping. You will never have to provi [...]

Poolside Must-Haves #TheBreakdown

Poolside Must-Haves #TheBreakdown
“This is an advertisement for SheSpeaks/St. Martin’s Press” Finally! The Summer sun has come out to join us. All of Spring and part way through Summer we had seen nothing but rain so the change is very nice. Now we are enjoying playing at the park, going on road trips and swimming. Another thing I enjoy personally during the Summer months is [...]

5 Ways To Maximize Flavor In Your Mea...

5 Ways To Maximize Flavor In Your Meals
“Contributed Post” When you find yourself cooking the same old meals, dinner time can get a little boring. Whether you think you don’t have the time to mix things up, or you just don’t have the energy, it’s never that long before you get fed up of what you’re eating. But, you don’t have to live with it like that. Instead, you can [...]

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