“The Pasta Shoppe” Pasta Review & Giveaway! =)


A special thanks to the Pasta Shoppe for sending me a goodie box of pasta to review on my blog. =)

 Do you like pasta? I know our family does; a lot! We normally use elbow macaroni, angel hair spaghetti and we occasionally use ziti or shells. I had NO idea that there was such a place that made all sorts of pasta in different shapes and colors. When I opened the box I was delighted to see cool packages containing neat looking pasta.


We got a package of the cheesy pasta, chicken noodle, dog lovers pasta, tailgate and celebrate pasta, snowman pasta and a package of spinach basil garlic angel hair. Mmmm. My children immediately picked out the “Down on the Farm” Easy cheesy pasta with real cheddar cheese.  The shapes were of animals you would find on a the farm and the kids had a kick out of that. There is also a place to color on the inside of the label which was pretty  neat as well. The cheesy pasta tasted amazing. My kiddos definitely want to have that again. We have been enjoying the rest of the pasta too. Just the other night I cooked some boneless skinless chicken and cut it up and mixed it with the dog lovers pasta and served it with veggies on the side. Each package (the ones I received at least) had a recipe inside that you could make with your pasta.


The Pasta Shoppe sells all sorts of different products like, pasta meals, pasta for a cause, sports, collegiate pasta, holiday pasta, angel hair, soups and chili and gift sets. There is something for everyone! =) I’m definitely buying the package of zoo animal pasta for the youngest son’s next birthday because it has monkeys in it! (He’s our little monkey) =)

The Pasta Shoppe not only sells pasta but they also have a great Fundraising program. You can either sell by Brochure sales and online sales or online sales only. There is a lot of great program benefits with fundraising. You can learn more about fundraising by clicking HERE.

Our family highly recommends The Pasta Shoppe and knows that you will find something you would love to buy. Check out their website by clicking HERE and learn more and see all of what they have to offer.

You can also find them on both of their Facebook pages at www.facebook.com/pastashoppeusa and www.facebook.com/funpastafundraising.

Now who would love to win a box of their own seasonal pasta valued at $25? =) One lucky reader will win! Enter to win in the rafflecopter below. Giveaway open to U.S. residents in the continental U.S. Must be 18+ to claim prize.

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Thanks for stopping by! =)

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  • Angela

    The mac and cheese looks so good!

  • Jennifer Halstead

    I love pasta, and different shapes make it fun!

  • krystal pena

    I would love to try these my daughter would love these

  • wendy

    I love pasta! These varieties look yummy.. and fun! Also a great, unique fundraiser idea. Thanks!

  • Suzanne DeVaux

    I like the Snowman pasta. They have so many cut ones though!

  • Chuck Wright

    I love pasta and would love to cook this for my girlfriend….

  • Christina Howell

    These pastas look amazing. We love pasta at our home and I know my son will love the animal pastas because he loves animals.

  • Nicki Joseph

    Yummy..they have SO many adorable shapes.

  • Suzanne DeVaux

    The gobble it up turkey pasta is adorable

  • Denise Konkel

    So cute! I would love to try the snowman one 😉

  • Kristen

    Cool….I want some Longhorns pasta!

  • Brigid OHara Koshko

    I never knew you could make pasta into so many fun shapes and flavors! These are awesome! I have my fingers crossed I win because my family would love these. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Mahdi M

    I love these fun pastas! I like the chili pepper shaped ones, because I’d make a spicy cream sauce with sautéed chicken, or broiled tofu. Slobber.

  • Tena Osborne

    This looks really fun. Love the shapes. The Collegiate has lots of possibilities. Will check these out!

  • Renee H.

    Easy way to get my kids to eat, the down on the farm pasta seems like so much fun.

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