Peanut By EGOZ Sleeping Bag


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Now that Summer is here our family has been on a couple of camping trips so far. During the warmer months my husband also camps while he is away on business so having great camping gear is a must for our family. His previous sleeping bag was on the fritz so I couldn’t wait to surprise him with this Peanut by EGOZ sleeping bag.

Peanut By EGOZ Peanuts by EGOZ is a light weight easy to carry sleeping bag that is perfect for camping, biking, backpacking and more. It is a 3 Season Sleeping Bag, Temp. rated +30ºF to +40ºF, 180cm long + 30cm top and 75cm wide.

I have found this sleeping bag easy to carry and easy to reroll and put back into its bag. Other sleeping bags I have used in the past have always been such a pain to put back in its original bag so I love that this one actually fits back in.

Peanut By EGOZ

This sleeping bag is very comfortable and will keep you warm when you need it to. We have been using it unzipped as a blanket since some of the nights have been really hot and zip it back up when it’s a little cooler.

I think this sleeping bag is great and totally recommend it.

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Have you been camping at all yet this Summer?


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