My Pet Rock…


Yes, my pet rock. You may be wondering why I carry around a rock, well, it helps me with my anxiety. Its smooth surfaces and perfect shape for my hand helps me stay in the “real world”, helps me stay connected. Whenever I’m having a bad day with my anxiety, it’s great to have this with me. I just pull it out of my bag and hold it in my hand, moving my thumb around the smooth surface. When your anxious, knowing your surroundings can help you calm down, which is why I love my rock. Holding it and tossing it around in my hand keeps me calm and helps me stay occupied from the situation that is causing me to be anxious, whether it be a big crowd in the lunch room, presenting in front of the class, or even just hearing people whisper thinking that it’s about me.

  • Crystal Lopez

    I think it is so wonderful that you shared this! What a great way for kids with anxiety to manage it. I love the idea!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Omg I use to carry different crystals around with me depending on my moods. Still up in the air whether they actually worked or not, but I like to think the energy helped

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    So pet rocks are making a comeback eh? I remember those when I was little! My favorite one was one I found during a dude ranch trip to Pensylvannia! 🙂

  • HilLesha

    That’s a wonderful idea! I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was a pre-teen. Scents like patchouli, bergamot, or ylang ylang always seem to somewhat ease my anxiety.

  • ricci

    i:ve never had a pet rock but I do see where it could come in handy for someone with anxiety!! Good for you!!

  • lisa @bitesforbabies

    I’ve never heard of this…but it makes sense! It’s almost like one of the stress balls that people carry with them!

  • Lynndee

    That is really interesting. I’ve never heard of a pet rock before. I would love to have one and see if it will help with all the stress I’m getting lately. 🙂

  • rika

    That’s a wonderful rock.. where did you find/buy it? Very nice one

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    My Niece has issues with Anxiety. I will have to get her to pick out a rock to try. It makes a lot of sense.

  • lisa

    I used to keep a smaller stone in my pocket for this reason. Now my youngest does it herself. She loves smooth rocks.

  • OurFamilyWorld

    I also have a friend who has a small rock. She seeks comfort from it whenever she is feeling stressed or anxious.

  • Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

    Having a pet rock is a wonderful thing. True story, I have my great grandmothers pet rock. It is still in the box she used for its bed with the original wrappings. There are even little notes about the pet rock and what she named it. I suffer from anxiety and mental illnesses so I can completely understand the need. I carry around a worry stone my aunt brought back from Ireland. It has smooth surface and it helps me when I get too anxious.

  • Mimi “MimiCuteLips” Green

    Great tip, I suffer from anxiety as well. I keep peppermints on hand at all times. It helps calm my nerves.

  • Liz Mays

    This is cool! It almost works like a stress ball or a zen garden for you. I can see how it would be comforting to keep it with you.

  • Jenn

    My nanny had what she called a worry rock! She would carry it in her pocket and rub its smooth shell for inspiration! She passed it on to me! Its a great cooping mechanism for anxiety!

  • Megan Elford

    What a great way to deal with anxious moments! I have subconscious “touchstones” that I use when I’m unsure or nervous. But I love the idea of being intentional and making sure I’m prepared in advance for any unpredictable situations.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I think that’s a wonderful idea to help with anxiety, Serenity. I have a friend who has a “worry stone”. It’s smallish polished stone with a depression in the center for rubbing with your finger.

  • Cherri Megasko

    I think it’s very helpful to have something like this to keep us focused and grounded. I used carry around a bent dime. It was concave and fit perfectly over the pad of my thumb!

  • Jeanette

    We all have our own ways of dealing with anxiety. So never be ashamed of what helps you to relax in the situations that makes you anxious.

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