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A Special Thanks to Peter Rabbit Organics for providing product for review.

Have you been looking for something that is all organic and healthy for your kiddo?  Every since I got pregnant with my youngest son I have decided to have our family eat better and buy all organic as much as we can. I never realized how much bad stuff was in certain foods, drinks, cosmetics, you name it! I have breastfed my son since day one and made his baby food when he started solids. I had no clue that there were actual fruit and veggie pouches that were all 100% organic that I could purchase.

Peter Rabbit Organics is exactly that, ORGANIC! =) Their delicious snacks are made from 100% organic fruit and vegetables. They NEVER add sugar, salt or any artificial ingredients. What you see on the front of the pouches is exactly is what is in it. No need to look at the label, what you see is what you get inside. =) No hidden contents that are hard to pronounce like some foods I have seen. Each of their pouches contain less than 100 calories, 35% RDA of Vitamin C, Less than 20g Sugar, less than 1 gram of fat and the pouch is BPA free as well.


We just recently went on a very mini family vacation and I thought it would be great to bring these pouches along. They are easy for little ones to hold and definitely easier than trying to feed from a jar or container of baby food.  My son really loved these pouches. He enjoyed one on our way to our destination while riding in the car for a nice yummy snack and enjoyed the others while we were outside enjoying the day. I didn’t taste them but the way he slurped them down lol I know he thought they tasted great! Me and my little guy definitely recommend Peter Rabbit Organics and you can find their pouches at Starbucks, Whole Foods, Publix, Albertson, and

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  • Em Ma

    I love that these are organic, natural, and virtually mess free. Perfect snack for in the car or on the go.

  • Rachel Malone

    Would love to win these for my son, I sure he would love them 🙂

  • Mya Murphy

    I have never tried these, I have to admit. That being said, your review made them sound super good, and I would really love to taste and try this! Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    my son loves these (and i love that theyre organic) i just cant find them that often, wish i could!

  • Samantha s Brown

    great review ill have to check it out 🙂

  • Georgiana

    I love that this is a no mess fruit and veggie pouch – perfect for little ones to carry on the go! The Apple Pear sounds yummy too!

  • Sarah Hayes

    i just bought my daughter her first ones of these the other day and she loved them! Im so glad they are organic and she loves that they have peter rabbit on them. they are def a win for both of us.

  • Angela W

    I love that your product is organic, healthy, and love that it’s in a squeezable pouch

  • Laila Salem

    my daughter loves these!!!

  • Christa Lopez

    My son would love these!!

  • Amber

    I love these little pouches for my baby! They’re very convenient on the go and best of all they are organic! Love Love Love these.

  • Ray

    An easy way for kids to get their fruits and veggies in! Pear & Pea sounds great!

  • Renata

    These sound so convenient and handy for traveling! My daughter would love strawberry banana!

  • Emily Jones

    My bub loves pouches, these look great 🙂

  • My son loves Peter Rabbit pouches we love it when they come out on sale at Albertsons!! We hope we win some pouches!!

  • Shirisha Prodduturi

    I love these fruit pouches on the go.

  • Caroline Tevepaugh

    We love Peter Rabbit organics! My 14 month old son likes every flavor he has tried! They are great for home and on the go!

  • heather

    i love these pouches for travel they would be great would love to try them

  • Rachel Malone

    I going to have to try these, my son would love them 🙂

  • Linda Bradshaw

    This is so perfect for my grandson. I love to give him things like this!!

  • Stephanie

    Super convenient. I love this type of packaging! And the organic and healthy are great bonuses!

  • Chelsea o

    I love the convenient pouches, and of course that they are organic and healthy.

  • tia albright

    my son loves these peter rabbit organic pouches 🙂

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  • Julie Wood

    Albertson’s sells these and my nephew would love to try these out. I am babysitting him, and to give him something healthy would be a great treat for him. I will have to take a look for them!

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