Philips AVENT Natural Drinking Cup Review



A Special Thanks to Philips AVENT  for providing me with product to review on my blog.

I have 5 kiddos so we have used our fair share of bottles, sippy cups and regular cups. We have used tons of different kinds and without getting into names; unfortunately after a few uses the cups would leak even though the company claimed they were spill proof. My husband and I had seen these new Philips AVENT cups at our local Wal-mart a couple of months back and was thinking of trying them because they looked pretty neat and looked like something our son would like. For some reason or another we didn’t purchase them that day.

When I received these cups to review I was very excited because they were the same ones we had seen at the store before and thought of getting.


The Philips AVENT 9-oz BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup is uniquely and exclusively designed to allow toddlers to drink from anywhere on the rim. The cup is lip-activated, so that it won’t spill or leak when your child is not trying to take a sip. With no spout or straw required, this AVENT drinking cup teaches children to get used to drinking the way grown-ups do, and the included hygienic lid keeps the cup clean whether you’re at home or on the go. A fast-flow valve enables effortless drinking and handles on each side on the Philips AVENT cup, 1-Pack, ensure easy handling for little hands. Give your child the independence to drink on his or her own just like the adults with this cup.


  • BPA free
  • Unique design allows toddlers to drink just like an adult
  • Spill-proof design doesn’t require a spout or straw
  • Drink from anywhere on the rim
  • Lip activated so won’t spill or leak unless child is drinking
  • Handles on each side ensure easy handling
  • Includes protective hygienic lid to help keep the cup clean at home and on the go
  • Fast-flow valve enables effortless drinking
  • Gives child independence to drink on their own


We have been using these cups for a few weeks now and guess what? No leaks at all! My son loves these cups and we have actually purchased a couple more of these in different colors so he has enough after tossing out other cups we had that were not working. At first he wasn’t sure what to do because there was no straw or spout to suck on but easily mastered what he was supposed to do to get his drink. =) One of my favorite parts about these cups are they are easy to clean! The cup itself is very rounded and easy to get inside to clean it and the pieces that come apart are very easy to clean as well. The handles are perfect for any kiddo to hang on to and drink from their cup. We love these cups and definitely recommend them to others. =)

You can find them for sale at: Wal-mart, Target, Meijer, Babies R Us, Fred Meyer and

You can also visit their website HERE and like them on FACEBOOK.


  • JoBeth

    We love all Phillips Avent products they are a little pricier but they are worth every penny. My kids both did great with these

  • Brandee

    We went through so many sippy cups. But advent really does make the best!

  • mommasbacon

    I love the top design of this toddler cup. Spills are guaranteed, so it is great they thought of putting a nice spill catcher that looks like it would catch everything!

  • Cassandra Kelton

    Thank you for this review! I would have wondered if they worked the way they were supposed to and decided not to purchase one. Now I will put one on my list!

  • This brand is my favorite i dont have these cups yet but will be getting some this weekend

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