Picnic time with MIU COLOR Picnic Blanket


miu color, picnic, picnic blanket, blanket, outdoors, eating, natureI am so excited that the warmer weather has finally hit New England! Our family has been spending more time outside and we love it! One of our favorite things to do outdoors is have a picnic. It’s really fun to make up a really nice lunch with yummy snacks for the kiddos and either enjoy it in our own yard or out away from home at a nearby park. To have a successful picnic on the ground you have got to have a great blanket! 😉

miu color, picnic, picnic blanket, blanket, outdoors, eating, natureJust recently I received this really pretty picnic blanket from MIU COLOR. This particular style is called “Green Leaves” but they have others to choose from as well. It is a perfect size for having a picnic anywhere. It is sandproof, waterproof, and great for beaches, outdoors, camping and more. It is a fairly good-sized blanket but folds up nicely so you can transport it very easily. It is very sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

miu color, picnic, picnic blanket, blanket, outdoors, eating, nature

We love this picnic blanket and see using it most everyday now that the warmer weather is here! 😉

To learn more and purchase visit amazon.com.

Which pattern picnic blanket from MIU COLOR is your favorite?


  • Adrienne

    I have been looking for one of those portable picnic blankets for forever! This one is great. I love having picnics with my loved ones.

  • Anne

    I’m all about a good picnic blanket…it turns any place into a dining and relaxing destination. Love the pattern and way this one folds up.

  • Heather

    One of our favoriting things Bout summer is our town’s annual music in the park festival. We come with lots of fun food and a picnic blanket just like that.

  • rika

    That’s a cute picnic blanket ! I love the pattern and color, perfect for summer

  • Nikka Shae

    What a cute blanket!! I like all the colors and his would be so cute for my auntie.

  • Eloise

    Waterproof, sand-proof, and cute… I must get one! thanks for sharing this : )

  • Brandy

    That looks like a great blanket to have for a little picnic. I Love the colors!

  • Jannie

    love the leaf design, does it water proof or anti-UV ?

  • Dawn gibson-thigpen

    oh i love this. i could really use this when going to the beach and park.

  • Karissa

    These blankets are the best – because it seems the grass is always a little damp – either from dew, the sprinklers or the rain! This one is really cute!!

  • Heather

    You answered my question – waterproof! And nice to know if you just shake it off, you’d probably get most of the dirt and sand off of it. Will definitely have to look into this now that it’s warm out :)!

  • Tammy

    That would be perfect for the beach here in Florida. Love the red and blue version.

  • Ashley Steer

    That blanket is awesome!!! I have a “tarp” with one side plastic and the other “soft” which I use to sit on with my son outside. I would love something that doesn’t crinkle so much and is a little more attractive. I will have to check this out!!!

  • Ashley Winters

    Wow that is a really awesome picnic blanket. I love how easy it looks to fold up and store.

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