It’s Potty Time with the help of the Kandoo Potty Time Pack! #KandooPottyHacks


kandoo potty time kit, potty kit, potty, potty training, kandoo, hand sanitizer, butt wipes, Are you currently in the midst of potty training your little one or maybe you’re getting ready to venture in that direction? As a momma to 5 kiddos I have been in your shoes 5 times now and have found that potty training each and every single one of my kiddos was different.

Potty training can be a process but it doesn’t have to be scary. Just recently I learned of a really awesome Potty Time Pack by Kandoo that is available online on their website.

kandoo potty time kit, potty kit, potty, potty training, kandoo, hand sanitizer, butt wipes, The pack arrives in this really cool box and contains:

  • 150 count Kandoo wipes (3 refills!)
  • Kandoo tub with 50 wipes and stickers to decorate your child’s tub
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • 42 count flushable wipes
  • It’s Potty Time – A Potty Training Story for kids booklet
  • Super Power Cape
  • Kandoo Growth Chart
  • 3 Free Music Downloads
  • Kandoo Coupons

This Potty Time pack will have you covered while at home or even on the go. The super cool red cape was a big hit with my little guy and should work wonders with your kiddo too. =)

kandoo potty time kit, potty kit, potty, potty training, kandoo, hand sanitizer, butt wipes, A lot of parents would agree that potty training can be a process and that independent toileting isn’t easy when first starting out. Some of my kiddos got the hang of it really quickly while some of my others had some ups and downs and that’s okay. With my older kiddos I wished there was some place to get resources and tips on ways to help the process and now that is available. Visit Kandoo Kids to get extensive potty training resources to help master potty training with your little one.

kandoo potty time kit, potty kit, potty, potty training, kandoo, hand sanitizer, butt wipes,

To learn more and purchase this Potty Time pack visit the Kandoo website.

Be sure to sign up for the potty training hacks newsletter by visiting here. Each week they will send you the most effective hacks on potty training. A step-by-step plan of action on when to start, supplies to buy, how to keep it silly, and handle setbacks.

Are you in the midst of potty training your little one? What tips can you offer other parents? Please tell us in the comments below. =)


  • Teacher Momma

    Toddlers would be so much easier to potty train them with these items. I’m glad that they offer these kind of help for parents. (Commenting from

  • Jasmine Watts

    Great potty themed box! We love Kandoo products and this pack is pretty impressive!

  • Mimi Green

    This is so freaking cute, I love the cape. That is the best part. I’m past the potty training stage but my kids would have loved this.

  • Kiana

    Loving the cape! Seems like a great incentive for kids who are being potty trained. It’s also great that you can sign up to receive helpful potty training tips and resources.

  • April Mims

    What a neat little kit! My grandson is still in diapers but I’ll definitely want to get him something like this when he gets close to potty training time.

  • Kristen Dann

    We love Kandoo products in our house. Their purple foaming hand soap is what got my son into washing his hands more regularly. I love that they offer a potty box and with a pretty awesome cape!

  • Robin Ruehrwein

    I love that cape! This is such a great potty time pack for kids. Kandoo has always made things fun when it comes to the bathroom.

  • NYC Single Mom

    We loved Kandoo when my daughter was younger. I love this pack, it is pretty impressive.

  • Bella

    I have never used Kandoo but it sounds like a great line of products. Potty training is such a rewarding experience kids so making it fun is important.

  • Anosa

    Sending the post to my sister in law as they are potty training my nephew, not sure if they have heard of kandoo before.

  • adriana

    What an awesome box! This is great for kids – I need to show it to my SIL!!

  • ricci

    What a great potty themed box!! This looks like a great thing to get a potty trainer!!

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    We love Kandoo products. My son and daughter in law are expecting in a couple of months, so we will be doing some potty training in the future.

  • Pam

    My daughter just had a baby and is already dreading the potty training stage. It sounds like Kandoo can help!

  • Jeanine

    So fun! My littlest is taking his time potty training, and I’m loving watching him have fun doing it with his cute little toilet seat and his stickers he loves to grab after he goes successfully!

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Potty training can definitely be a challenging and sometimes frustrating process for parents of toddlers. However, with the right tools and the right mindset, it can be smooth sailing for all. I think this looks like a fabulous set!

  • Sarah

    What a cool potty hack … loving it! I don’t have kids but can see how these would be fun hacks!

  • Alli

    My daughters were so easy to potty train. My son took a little bit longer. I love all the new resources in the Potty Time Pack. I wish there had been something like this back in the day when I was potty training.

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