Pre-filled Easter Baskets or Fill your own?


It’s almost here! Easter that is. Year after year walking into stores this time of year I ask myself; “Am I going to make my kiddos baskets or buy the ones already filled?” So far since they have all been born I have filled them myself. It’s fun picking out their baskets in the colors they love and choosing different candy and toys they like and seeing them surprised that Sunday morning.

What makes me go with that decision? I think it has to do with it bringing me back to my childhood. Every Easter when I woke up there was always a homemade basket filled by my parents sitting on the end of my bed. I always loved finding that and it kind of makes me jealous these days and still wanting to have that fun as a child lol. =)

Pre-filled baskets are really easy and I have seen some cool ones and ALMOST went with those this year. I may some day but for now I’m sticking to filling my own. Do you fill your kiddos baskets or do you get the ones already filled? =)


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