The Pros And Cons Of Gardening With Power Tools

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Gardening traditionalists will almost always claim there’s no need for power tools. They say everything you need to do can be handled using your hands or with some simple gardening tools. According to them, power tools aren’t essential, so you don’t need them when gardening.

To be honest, they’re correct in that power tools aren’t really essential as such. But, you can’t deny there are definitely some benefits to using them. As such, should you use power tools; yes or no? The best way to answer this is to look at things from both perspectives and view the pros and cons:



The most obvious benefit of using power tools is that they get the job done a lot quicker than any other method. What would you rather do; chop a tree down using an axe, or cut it down with a chainsaw? You’d much rather the second option as it would be a lot quicker. The same goes for mowing your lawn, an electric or motorized lawnmower works much faster than a handheld push one.

Following on from this, power tools make gardening a lot easier as there’s less effort involved. Trimming bushes with a power tool is simple and you don’t have to do much physical work. If you cut them with hedge shears, your arms are working a lot harder, and it can be very tiring.

You could also argue they’re more effective than gardening by hand. A weed trimmer really gets down to the root of the weed whereas pulling them by hand doesn’t do the same job.



This is where gardening traditionalists have a long list of arguments as to why power tools are more negative than positive. Their first argument is noise pollution. Power tools can be very noisy, which is annoying for other neighbors and makes them difficult to use as you need to wear sound cancelling ear muffs.

Secondly, they’re more dangerous than manual gardening tools. It’s easier to misuse a power tool, resulting in potentially serious injuries.

Then, there’s the big argument that they use up too much energy. You have to charge the tools or keep them plugged in for them to work. It consumes lots of energy in your home, which can make them even more costly than they already are.

All in all, there are some compelling arguments from both sides. But, to answer the question; should you use power tools when gardening? It’s more a case of yes and no. You shouldn’t use them for every single task as they’re not always necessary and you will waste energy and put yourself at an avoidable risk. But, certain tasks require loads of physical effort that are made easier when you use power tools. If you have a huge lawn, then you need a motorized lawn mower, or else it will take you ages and hurt your back pushing a manual one around. If you have trees that need thick branches cut off, then power tools are the best – and often only – option here too. It’s all about figuring out what tasks are the hardest and most rigorous to do by hand. Then, use power tools to make them easier, and garden by hand for everything else. You get a perfect balance, and your garden will be happy.

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