Pure Silk Shaving Cream Review


A Special Thanks to Perio-Inc. for sending me these products to review on my blog. =)

Up until recently before I was able to review Pure Silk I really hadn’t used anything but soap and water to shave my legs. Being a busy momma and all I don’t really get too much time to shave my legs which of course means my legs don’t turn out too pretty lol. 😉

When I opened my package I was pretty excited to see a few different cans of Pure Silk in the mix and even a can of Barbasol for my hubby too. Pure Silk comes in a variety of different beautiful scents like Raspberry Mist, Cherry Blossom, Coconut & Oat Flour and also Dry and Sensitive skin therapy too. Their products are made in the United States and are never tested on animals! =)


My favorite scent that I have been using is the Coconut & Oat Flour shave cream. I love that it is made with aloe to keep my skin feeling smooth and fresh. It is easy to apply and  really helps with shaving.  I have noticed that my legs look and feel better after shaving with this cream. Another great thing I like about these products are the cans are rust proof, I don’t know how many times in the past (years ago) that cans that I would use would get rusted on the bottom, yuck! Not these ones. =)

If your shaving cream isn’t quite cutting it or you’re looking for something new I recommend trying Pure Silk.

You can learn more and see all their products by visiting HERE. You can also find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. =)


Thanks for stopping by! =)

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