Re-planting seedlings using recyclable materials


 Every Spring I get really excited and look forward to planting veggies. It’s something I look forward to every year. I’ve been planting veggies for the past 8 years now and it’s a work in progress. I’m always learning and of course the first few years didn’t go so well but year after year I get a LITTLE better at it. 😉 Another thing I have gotten into the past few years is recycling. The other day I noticed my lettuce seedlings were getting taller and thought why not use recycles to put them in larger pots.


 I took out all the containers in my recycle bin that could be used as pots and poked a hole or two in each bottom of the container. I then filled them halfway with potting soil leaving room to be able to transfer seedlings from old container to new. I then set the new pots into the bottom tray of the old set so the water doesn’t drip through.


 I then very carefully transferred seedlings from the smaller pots to the larger ones. Watered the soil and placed near window again. That was a week ago and they are doing great. =) Next will be planting them outside when the time is right.

 Do you love to garden? I’m always eager to learn more, if you have any tips or tricks about gardening I would LOVE to hear them. =)


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