Seasonal Cleaning + Household Dangers

When you think of seasonal cleaning, it’s common to immediately think of Spring Cleaning. While it’s important to clean in the springtime, I think it’s very important to take that mentality and apply it to each season! It’s a great practice to do a huge cleanout four or so times each year. That way, each time you don’t have quite as much work on your plate!

It’s also really important to go into a huge cleaning endeavor with a checklist, so you can make sure your process is effective!

These are the three lists that I like that make, in order to keep myself organized:

● Household Dangers (things to check out/be on the lookout for)

● Commonly Missed Areas (the spots I always forget)

● Cleaning Products (things I need to get started)

Household Dangers No matter what there are always possible household dangers that you should be on the lookout for! Seasonal cleaning is a great time to double check and make sure any possible hazards are taken care of. I’m always sure to check:

● Damaged Materials­

A crack in the floor could not only cut you or your little ones feet, but certain materials in homes could potentially contain asbestos, especially if the house was build before the 1970’s. Asbestos was commonly found in insulation, pipe lining, floor tiles, roofing and siding. This fiber can become very dangerous when disturbed (like in a cracked vinyl floor tile), and inhaling it can lead to complications as severe as mesothelioma cancer. So of course, it’s always to take care of damages like these as soon as you notice them! If you suspect asbestos, always consult a professional.

● Smoke Detectors­

Almost 1.3M house fires were reported in the United States, just in 2014. That number continues to grow annually. As a precaution, test to make sure batteries are working. It’s easy to forget about these, since it’s not everyday you expect to hear your smoke detector go off! Always better safe than sorry.

● Gas Detectors­

Whether it’s Carbon Monoxide, Radon, or whichever has monitors you might have, check to make sure these are properly working. If you don’t have any, and are interested in learning more about them you can read HERE.

● Spilled Cleaning Products­

This is particularly important if you have little ones, whether it’s kids or pets! Since these are commonly stored below the sink, first make sure they are secured, and second, make sure that there are no spills ­ that way pets cannot lick the chemicals from the ground, and kids cannot get there hands in it!

Commonly Missed Areas There are always spots that I think of just as I’ve finished putting away the cleaning supplies! It always helps to have an actual list, and check off those easy to miss areas as you go. Just to name a few:

● Behind the toilet

● Toilet handle + seat

● Toothbrush holder

● Window tracks

● Doors + trim

● Ceiling fans (and other fans)

● Air vents + ducts

● Electronics (keyboard, mouse + remotes)

● Dishwasher

● Linens

● Kids toys

● Kitchen appliances

● Refrigerator

● Garbage cans

● Under furniture

Cleaning Products

I have a few store brands that I absolutely love to use, but prefer to keep my choices natural and/or organic. One favorite is Mrs. Meyer’s. They offer all sorts of products to clean your house from top to bottom. However, if you like to go the do­it­yourself route there are SO many recipes for homemade cleaning solutions, and most of the items you probably already have in stock at home! Apartment therapy has some really great info and recipes for all your cleaning needs, but if you’re looking for a simple all­purpose cleaning you can try out this recipe. It’s great for just about any surface you could think of!

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

It’s hard to be perfect when it comes to cleaning, and let’s face it, who has time to clean all the time! It just pays to know what it is you need to accomplish before you start, and look out for what really matters to ensure a safe and healthy home for you and your family.

  • Mimi Green

    This is a good list, plenty of things that I hadn’t even thought about. Shame on me. I need to do this several times a year with two being the least.

  • ricci

    I recently moved all of the furniture around in my bedroom and was surprised how dirty everything was when I pulled it away from the wall…YUCK!!!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed great lists to have for seasonal cleaning. It is a great idea to look for household hazards when doing the seasonal cleaning and it is something I really never thought about really. Thanks for sharing the lists.

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    Cleaning is a never ending chore at my house. I helps me to do a little each day, so not to be overwhelmed on the weekend.

  • Dana

    I’m going to try out the DIY all purpose cleaner recipe you mentioned above. I hate using harsh chemicals unless it is totally necessary!

  • Heather S-G

    Oh, I love Apartment Therapy. I do not, however, love cleaning. This is a great list of reminders!

  • Dawn gibson-thigpen

    thanks for sharing this. these is some really awesome information.

  • kendall

    This is a great time to check the smoke detectors! I’m so cautious about changing the batteries often. Love this post – seasonal cleaning is secretly my favorite – it’s a chance to revamp!

  • Angelic Sinova

    Woah, I had no idea almost 1.3M house fires were reported in the United States, just in 2014! I definitely need to take better safety precautions in my house.

  • Liz Mays

    These are definitely some good things to consider. I like the idea of doing four big cleanouts per year where I check every little thing.

  • Brandy

    Thanks for this list, glad you shared it! I Hope it helps many families!

  • Sarah

    Wow, had no idea on the seasonal household dangers as it pertained to cleaners. Appreciate the heads up!

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love my homemade all-purpose cleaner. It’s easy to make, very affordable and safe for the kids. I’ve made separate cleaners for the counters, floors, and other surfaces.

  • Http://

    I recently stopped cleaning with store bought products and only use natural or essential oils due to allergies in our home. We live in a newer home and don’t’ have to worry about anything to terrible yet.

  • Pam

    One of my family members had a house fire many years ago. Now I am always vigilant about checking our fire detectors. It’s great to add that to your seasonal cleaning checklist.

  • mark and kate

    Thanks for this post. When I do general cleaning, I miss some spots like the window tracks and I’m too lazy to do them over again.

  • Jeanette

    This is a great reminder that I need to go and do a pretty good deep clean of the house. I totally forgot about the smoked detectors I need to change those batteries.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Here in MA they check for asbestos during the home inspection and won’t let the sale of the home proceed with any left in the house.

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