Sing in the Shower with the “SpeakStick” Bluetooth Shower Speaker


blue tooth, speaker, shower, waterproof, speakstick Do you like singing in the shower? If you don’t, do you ever wish you could bring the music into the shower? Well now you can with a waterproof SpeakStick shower speaker by Smart Mixture.

blue tooth, speaker, shower, waterproof, speakstickI have to say the SpeakStick is one nifty looking speaker. They have different colors to choose from which at this time include: black, green, pink, yellow and blue. I chose the yellow speaker because I have always liked colors that are bright and sunny. The SpeakStick doesn’t have to be just for the shower. It can be put virtually anywhere! Put one in your car, kitchen, shower of course, and wherever you want using the suction cup on the back of the speaker.

You can turn up the volume, turn it down, change to the next song, go back and even answer your cellphone hands free. It’s compatible with all bluetooth devices and has a lifetime guarantee.

blue tooth, speaker, shower, waterproof, speakstick

Product Description:

SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Waterproof & Wireless – Talk Hands Free and Listen to Music with the Highest Quality – Compatible with All Bluetooth Devices – Iphone, Galaxy and All Other Android Devices – Special Design with Lifetime Guarantee

  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices (Iphone,Ipad & Android devices).
  • Strong speaker and mic to hear music and the sound of whom you talk to clearly.
  • Waterproof Level IPX4, the water won’t stop you this time.
  • With Suction up to put the speaker anywhere (Shower,Car,kitchen..).
  • Hi-tech & chick design for maximum performance.

My husband really loves music and anything that has to do with speakers and new technology. He uses ours in his vehicle for hands free calling and I use it for the shower. We both couldn’t believe how loud the speaker can get for being so small. So far it is working great and we enjoy using it. We are even thinking about getting some more so we don’t have to keep moving it back and forth where we want to use it.

To learn more visit their WebsiteFacebook

You can purchase this awesome item on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Which color SpeakStick is your favorite? Where would you stick your SpeakStick if you had one? =)


  • nazma

    Oh my god this is perfect for my cousin.He loves singing in shower.He will be really happy to recive this amazing item

  • Katarina

    How cool is this! I never knew something like it exists! I’d definitely buy it!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Hehehe I just reviewed a blue one of these not too long ago! My hubby stole it from me and now uses it daily in his shower lol

  • Jeanine

    This looks pretty awesome. My oldest loves listening to music in the shower so this would be perfect for him. Maybe for Christmas!

  • Sophie O’Reilly

    This is the perfect device for me as I love listening to music in the shower and while I get ready!

  • Nikki

    Wow this is what I want, looks reallly cool and very amazing stuff.

  • rika

    i sing in the shower, very relaxing and reduce stress ! I love bluetooth speaker, very convenient and perfect for party too!

  • Joely Smith

    I have been wanting a speaker for my shower for ages! i will go visit the link and check this one out. I will have to say lol I think it almost looks like an eye staring at whoever is showering haha but hey that’s cool if it works well I want one!

  • Tyra

    I know people who need their music in the morning to get up. I may have to let them know about this product.

  • Nancy L.

    My daughter is always singing in the shower and would LOVE this! I have to get her one for Christmas. And maybe I’ll just borrow it from her too! 🙂

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    I would love a speaker in the shower to listen to some tunes! These are very cool looking too. Will check it out

  • Jaime Nicole

    This is really cool – I use my phone sometimes, but I could really use this. I recently had to replace my phone because I dropped it in the shower :-(.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    This made me giggle because both of my boys sing in the shower. They would LOVE to have one of these in our shower.

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