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Have you heard of PowerMyLearning? I just recently learned of the website and glad I know about it now. PowerMyLearning is a FREE non-profit website with everything K- 12th grade students need to get ahead academically! The site provides educational online games that incorporate things your child already loves such as trains, animals and even fashion. =)


For the past few months my children have used the computer for school work only because they used to play games on the internet and they really weren’t learning anything. I was happy to see that PowerMyLearning was a great website that all my children could enjoy by playing games but learning as well!  It was really easy to sign up and I really liked that.  You can choose to make an account as a Parent, a Teacher or a Student.  You can choose from K-12 then choose different subjects of learning which has different games under those categories. You will also find a Music and Art section too. =)


My children have been having a blast playing all sorts of games at PowerMyLearning. My youngest daughter was proud when she saw a banner come across the computer that said “Good Job” for choosing the right answer. If you haven’t checked out this great website you should! You can check it out at http://powermylearning.org/.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post wrote by me on behalf of flightpath. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

  • Renee H.

    I love this and I love that it is free too. My daughter loves playing her educational games on my Kindle so she will just love this. Thanks for the info.

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