How to Spruce Up Your Garden for Spring

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The days are getting lighter and longer, and with spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your garden. Here’s how to bring it back to life in time for the warmer weather.

Weed Out the Bad Stuff

Uprooting the weeds early on in the year is a lot more manageable, as they’ve not yet grown to their full potential and can be can be pulled out much more easily. They’ll be a lot of dead leaves and twigs lying around, so you’ll want to collect a bin liner bag or two and rake those away, ready to prep your outdoor space. Let’s not forget those pesky hibernating garden pests like slugs, vine weevils and aphids. If you don’t want to exterminate them then there are a few non-toxic methods for safely removing them from your backyard.

Prepare Your Landscape

Your backyard has gone through a whole lot during the winter hibernation months. It’s faced the harshest of elements and has probably been neglected since the days started drawing in last year. Now is a good time to start clearing your flowerbeds and borders. You can plan how you want your garden to look on paper, outlining your plots. You should also check if you need to do any maintenance work like if a fence or any broken structures needs fixing.


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Utilize Your Space

During the summer, a backyard is where you spend your most relaxing hours. You’re going to want to be making barbeques and if you’ve got kids, they’ll be running around and playing on the grass. It’s important to make use of every inch of your outdoor space if you want to really enjoy it. If you have quite a large tree in your garden, or a dead one that needs removing, then you might want to think about tree surgery. Contact a tree removal service to cut it down quickly and professionally. If you haven’t got much space for flower beds, it might be a good idea to invest in a trellis for upward growing vines.

Order Your Bulbs and Seeds Now

Gardening is all about the right timing. Planting summer flowering bulbs in spring means you’ll be watering a beautiful flowerbed by the time summer comes around. Summer flowering bulbs include Lilies, Gladiolus and Bearded iris. Take your seedlings outside when you’re sure that the soil in your garden is dry, so you can start to work through it and finally add some compost. Water them frequently at first to get them to acclimatize to the great outdoors.

Clear Out Your Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse or shed, it’s probably looking a little dishevelled right now, and in need of some TLC. Over the winter months, pests and diseases may have crept into the little nooks and crannies. Now is a good time to bring out the disinfectant and make sure they’re cleared out in time for spring. Make sure that all the gardening tools you need are stored away, clean and in good working order.

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